There are some things that need to happen to prepare yourself and your partner for anal sex. Step one is cleanliness. You always need to make sure your asshole and rectum are clean and prepared to handle dick. If needed, use an enema about an hour before engaging in anal sex and then clean yourself really good after you have expelled the enema liquid. Now your asshole is prepared to accept a guy’s manhood. This cleanliness also allows you more options about where to take his spunk. If he pulls out and his dick is still clean, then he can put it against your face and give you a facial or shove it in your mouth and shoot his wad.

Step two in receiving anal sex is properly preparing your partner’s penis. I do not have to tell you that size definitely matters. The size of your partner’s member will determine the type of condom he will wear if needed, type of lubrication needed, amount of lubrication needed, and the difficulty it takes to fit it in you. If you just look at your partner’s dick, sometimes that can be very deceptive because first it may not be completely hard and second, you will judge it according to the proportion of his body size.

For example, if a large man is going to fuck you, his cock may not seem as big as it actually is when comparing it to the size of his body. This is the reason why I always suck a guy’s dick before I allow him to fuck me. By going down on your man, you first will get him completely erect, get him hornier, and you can feel his complete size with your mouth. Now that you have his cock completely engorged, you can make better decisions on proceeding forward.

Condom size is very important. You want to be sure you have a supply of magnum condoms as well as regular size. I like to put the condom on the guy myself to guarantee proper placement, fit, and to guarantee the reservoir tip is directly over the hole to catch all his cum. I once hooked up with this black man named Randy who I met at a bar and we ended up back at my place. He was very well hung and neither of us had any large condoms so we just used a regular sized one I had in my drawer. I should have listened to my instincts when I had trouble getting it on him. Eventually, he was holding my ankles while furiously pounding me in the missionary position and when he unloaded his spunk, I thought I could feel the warmth of it while he was shooting. When he pulled out, I was horrified to see the condom was completely broken and the only thing left on his dick was the rubber ring around the base of his shaft next to his pubic hair. Randy had completely shattered his rubber because of the size of his dick and the friction of my tight asshole.

I have also had the complete opposite happen to me. The first time I allowed this waiter named Tim to fuck me; I put a large condom on him because he had a long penis. Even though he was about nine inches in length, he was very thin in girth. He fucked me for quite a while in several different positions and because of the duration and him leaking so much precum, his rubber completely slipped off inside me. Once again, we didn’t know it until after he came. It took a couple of minutes after we had finished for me to find it and pull it out.

Whether you are going to use a condom or going bareback, you need to use lubrication. Most of the time, you want to use a water soluble lube like Astro-gluide or KY Jelly. These types of lubrications will not interact with your latex material and are easily expelled. Occasionally it is nice to mix it up and use baby oil, Vaseline or something creative. I once was at this guy’s apartment that had just moved in and most things were boxed up. I was giving him a blowjob on his couch when he got so horny and needed to fuck. We looked around in boxes for anything to use and the only thing we could find was peanut cooking oil. Surprisingly it worked very well and we were able to kill two birds with one stone because he ended up pulling out and cumming in my mouth and that mixed with the oil taste was not bad compared to when it is mixed with regular lubrication.

I find it best to lubricate both, his cock and your own asshole. There is really no reason for both of you to get lube on your hands so decide which one of you will do it. Most of the time, I am the one who greases up my partner’s dong with some stroking and then I slather my own asshole by sticking my fingers in and swirling them around. I personally like to do it myself because one, I can control the amount of lube and second, it prevents him from having it all over his hands and he won’t accidently smear it all over your hips, ankles, or waist when he is holding on for leverage.

Semen is a great lubrication. Of course it can only be used if your partner has the stamina to fuck you twice or if you’re involved in a threesome or an orgy. One time I was involved in a threesome where both guys came twice. After the first guy blew his load in my ass, it was lubed well enough to last the total sex session with both men. After taking 4 loads in my butt, I did feel as though I had a cum enema and not once was there any trouble getting them in and out of me.


Once you are clean and both of you are lubricated properly, it is time to fit him inside you. This is the hardest part. If a guy has a large dick or even just a large head, it can start out very painful. Your lover has to be very careful and patient. If he has a smaller to medium sized cock, I will allow him to insert it my rectum but if he is extremely large or just has bulk, I like to control the entrance. If I am unsure, I will error on the size of large.

If your lover is the one that will be doing the inserting, it helps if you reach back and guide him. Place his penis head up against your hole, take a deep breath, and relax your sphincter muscles. When he pushes, keep your breathing smooth and controlled while you allow the mushroom to pop in you. Your anus will stretch but it still is quite painful in the beginning. Try to hold it as long as you can and if the pain gets too unbearable, have him take it out. At this time is when many people give up on anal sex but you have to be persistent. The second or third time he slides his head in your butthole, the pain will be a lot less. Your hole will eventually adapt and accommodate his size but it takes time. This is why I say your partner has to be patient. This is another reason I like to be in control if my partner is hung.

Once he is inside you, and the pain has subsided, then allow him to feed his inches into you slowly. This can also be painful and this is why he needs to be patient and well lubricated. I prefer he goes ahead and buries his cock all the way in me until his pubic hair is touching my ass crack as soon as he can because this allows you to get acclimated to all of it and there are no surprises later on. Once you are ready, he can begin his thrusting.

Now if your partner has a large dick, you have to approach it differently because he can do some serious damage to you and this is why I like to be in control. After I have sucked a guy to full erection, I will have him either lie on the floor or sit on the edge of a chair so that I still have access to put my feet on a hard surface. I will hold his hard cock where it is pointed straight in the air, squat down on top of it, place it directly against my asshole, then ease myself down on it until it is tolerable. Sometimes, it may take as many as three or four times of you pulling off and then getting back on it. Eventually, I will be sitting on his lap with his huge dong buried in my rectum.

If you’re properly lubed, stretched, and able to take his size, then you can have him fuck you. I like to bounce on him for a while just to get everything adjusted and then switch to different positions of his choice. You can always finish by going back to the original position of riding him until he cums. I will tell you that a large dick can make a difference inside you. When your butt is completely stuffed with a huge dick, the length of it feels like it is up in your intestines and the suction can put air in your stomach and give you cramps. When fucking a well hung man, you need to take his cock out of you periodically during your sex session. Don’t wait too long before you get it back in so that your hole is still stretched and ready.

The largest guy who has ever fucked me was when I was in college and he was a black linebacker on the football team. His dick was absolutely huge. It was about 12 inches long and as big around as a Pringles can. If he struck out with the ladies on the weekends, he would call me over late at night and give me his monster. It was so big; I could barely give him blowjobs. I would have to open my mouth as far as I could just to fit in his head, and after that I could only get a couple of inches in my mouth. I basically could only jack him off with both of my hands while blowing him and when he would finally shoot his load, I could barely take it without choking. You could imagine my horror and excitement when he wanted to fuck my ass with that tree trunk.

The first time, I had to take a pain pill just to get relaxed and prepared to handle Vinny’s monster. The fact there were a few girls around who he had fucked, used to tell people that there was no way anyone could take it in the ass. Hearing this actually excited me and made me want it even more. I was ready to accept the challenge. That first time, it was about 2:15 in the morning and I used Vasoline and lots of it to prepare myself for him. Vinny was really d***k but didn’t have much trouble getting that huge dick hard. I had to sit on him and really work it around until it finally plopped in me and the pain was overwhelming. I thought I was ripped and pulled off immediately. I repeated this several times before I was able to handle it. Eventually I was able to sit all the way down on that dick and I swear it felt like it was up inside my belly. You always hear or read when people say that a cock that large feels good but that is a total lie. You never get completely used to a cock that big. You can eventually tolerate it but you make sure you are fully lubed up and say things that can make him cum quickly.

When fucking a large cock, air builds up inside your anus and it can form suction upon withdrawal. On another night when Vinny came over d***k and extremely horny, I ended up on my back while he pumped so hard that his balls ended up leaving red marks on my ass from the repeated smacking. I know it sounds made up but his balls were also huge and hung extraordinarily low. After he finally came, he just rested for a couple of minutes with that huge cock still in me. Even though his dong had deflated a little bit, the suction had built up so much that when he finally pulled out, a string of cum squirted out through his legs and across the carpet. It looked like it had squirted out of a water bottle.

Taking the Cock

Now that your asshole is acclimated to his dick, it is time to get screwed. There are many positions that can give you just as much pleasure as the guy pounding you. If you are flexible like I am, then lay on your back, with a pillow under your ass to position your hole more upward, and have him put your legs behind your head. He can hold your ankles to give himself leverage while he pumps straight down. In this position, you can reach around his ass and kinda hold him steady so he doesn’t slide away if he is on his knees. If he is young or strong, he can also stand on his feet and fuck you without sliding away. This position really feels good on your prostate and also allows you to feel his warm cum as it squirts in you. I can tell you that it feels better when you feel his cum shoot further up you and that is why I like pulling his ass toward me he cums.

Another good position that I use which has many benefits is when I get on my knees on the couch facing the back of it. I put both my hands on the back with my legs spread. This allows my lover to stand comfortably and be at a perfect height for him to insert himself inside me without having to squat. If he is taller, he can just spread his legs wider to make himself shorter and yet his feet are flat on the floor to dig in for better traction.

This is also a good position because you can hold on to the couch no matter how f***eful he pumps you. This position is also very convenient if he is a pull out cummer. He literally doesn’t even have to adjust himself if he chooses to pull out and shoot it on your ass or back. If he likes to pull out and give you a facial or cum in your mouth, it is a very easy and quick transition because he can pull out and all you have to do is swing one leg over and immediately you are in a setting position at the perfect height to his dick. If he is wearing a rubber, this will also give him time to pull it off.

Now you are ready for his load without wasting much time at all. Since your face is at the right height, he can grab the top of your head to steady himself while he erupts all over it. He also has the option to stick it in your mouth when he cums or just open your mouth and he can shoot it in there. You can also reach up and be the one who jacks him off in your mouth or on your face. With this position, there are so many good options and they are comfortable for both of you. If he is wearing a rubber and you are the one to pull it off, don’t grab it by the reservoir tip and pull because it will get stuck trying to come off. Use all five of your fingers in a claw position, grab the ring or base of the condom, and pull it off as though you are unrolling it and eventually it will just slip off. You have to do this very quickly or it will be too late and he will fill the rubber up before you can get it off.

Another benefit to this position is that it works well if you are engaging in a threesome. Of course the couch needs to up against the wall. The first guy can be sitting on the back of the couch in front of you and you can suck his dick while the other lover is fucking you. This is very erotic and it is very exciting if you can make both men cum at the same time. I have had threesomes many times but I have only been able to make them cum together a couple of times. Both guys have to communicate with you and you may have to slow down at one end to allow the other to catch up. Nothing is more satisfying to hear both of them grunting and screaming at the same time while your mouth and asshole are filling up with both loads simultaneously.

Now I stated earlier that if my lover has a huge cock, I will ride him in the beginning just so I can control the entrance. As you know, we all love to have our dicks rode. There have been occasions where I will just ride a guy the whole until he cums. Most of the time, I will start out riding him, then we will switch to different positions, and sometimes I will go back and ride him at the end until he shoots. The down side to riding cock is your legs have to be in pretty good shape or you run out of steam. It doesn’t really matter if you’re facing toward him or away from him; you basically have two types of riding. You can be flat on your feet and lift yourself up and down on his cock that I call bouncing. Bouncing on a man’s dick feels great for both of you but your legs give out pretty quick and then you can resort to rocking. Rocking is when you are on your knees rather than your feet and you rock back and forth drawing his dong in and out of you.

You can periodically rock and bounce but when your lover is getting close to cumming, I think slowly bouncing straight up and down on him is what feels the best for both of you. It is like your in control and you are literally milking his prick with your asshole. If he is a large man and you are smaller, there are times when he will lift you up and down on his cock like he is masturbating with your rectum. At this point, he will feel so good all you need to do is throw in some dirty talk and this will put him over the edge. I will say things like, “Go ahead fill it up or fill me up” or “Give me that cum. I need it.”

The rocking position is really the only position you can use comfortably and perform a double penetration. I honestly don’t recommend double penetration because of the potential of tearing your rectum. I have only done this twice and once it did tear me a little. If your going to do it, be very lubricated, then have the guy with the biggest dick lay down on his back. You need to straddle him on your knees in the rocking position, facing him. Let me repeat; always have the guy with the biggest cock in you first. Once you have him in and you are comfortable, lean forward as if you are laying on him chest to chest. The other man will be on his knees facing you two or standing if you happen to be on the side of the bed or couch. The first guy, who is already in you, needs to remain perfectly still until the second man gets his dick all the way in as well. This can take some time and both times for me it hurt like hell. Once both dicks are inside your asshole, you mostly have to let the guy on top do the pumping while the guy on bottom just enjoys you moving a little bit.

Another great position is with you lying on your side and he is also lying on his side directly behind you. All you have to do is lift your leg and he will have easy access to work is cock in you. My ex used to love this position and right before he would cum, he would rise up to his knees, lift my top leg over his shoulder and unload his cum in me scissors style. Men can basically have anal sex in just about any position a man and a woman can. You have to be creative and patient.

Taking the Cum

No matter your position, you eventually have to prepare yourself for your lover’s cum. He has worked extremely hard pumping your asshole and I feel he has earned the right to decide how and where he wants to cum even though you might give him suggestions. At this point he is probably out of breath and sweat forming on his forehead. By giving him suggestions or asking him will add to his excitement and probably make him shoot. Quite often, I will have a guy humping and pumping and I will look back at him and say, “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” or “Do you want to pull out and shoot it on my back?” When they hear this, they will usually decide immediately and off they go.

I think most guys appreciate clenching. I like to give that guy a little extra feeling right before he cums. Most guys will give you a clue when they about ready to shoot their load whether it is verbally or with their body language. I vaguely remember this guy back in college but what I do remember is every time he got ready to cum, he would open his eyes really wide and hold his breath. That was a give away and that is when I would clench my asshole together to provide that extra sensitive tightness. When he came, he would shove his cock in my ass far as he could, hold it still with the exception of just slight rocking. He told me that he felt like he was milking himself in me. He would cum so hard that he would go weak at the knees for a few minutes.

Finally, if your lover decides he is going to cum in your ass, allow him to finish as he pleases. I know when most guys start cumming, they will buck, shake, cram it far up you, violently grab and pull you to them, and so forth. I know sometimes it can be slightly uncomfortable but it is best to remain still and allow your lover to do what he wants until he completely finishes. This will only enhance his orgasm and his pleasure. Vinny used to throw himself in me so hard, I felt he was coming out of my mouth and it wasn’t always pleasurable to me, but Vinny would be so satisfied, he came back for more.