Sissy-Central Competition – extended….

Sissy-Central Competition – extended….

Hey folks.. the competition has been extended due to some techinical errors….. have a read:

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Daddy’s and my first date – comp1

It went completely unlike I expected, but then, things offen do with Daddy…

My name is Natascha, I’m 29 and from Munich. I think I always knew that I’m a sissy but as with so many others, letting it out, living it, is a progress that takes time. It’s quite a journey…

I began dressing at home, styling myself rather clumsily and my first few tries at using make up made me look like Bobo the clown. But i got better eventually, read a lot on the internet, styling tips, sissy things, began to buy satin clothes and found out I love them 🙂

After a while I wanted to reach out to others so I created a profile at an online plattform and uploaded my first photos. Very shy, only legs and panties photos. But I received some encouraging comments and so I went a bit further and began to chat with people.

That went on for a long time, many contacts came and went but there was one man who persisted. Very charming but also very strict. Older than my but with eyes like the devil. I realised that this was the first time I had developed feelings towards a man. It felt strange, but yet so good, it couldn’t be wrong. I also felt that I had reached a point where there was no more progress possbile online, that next step would be to meet someone in real life, a huge step.

Too huge for me as it turned out. For nearly a year I didn’t dare, foud excuses, thought about how difficult it would be, etc. Until Daddy put an end to it. I already called him Daddy then because we both realised that we where not on equal terms in our relationship. He is my guide, cares for me, instructs me, helps me develop and I do what he says, so “Daddy” just fits perfectly 🙂

Anyway, it got to a point where he put a choice in front of him: meet him or watch him leave. That was something I certainly did not want so this little push helped me taking that step and I agreed to meet him in person. I complained a bit that I didn’t dare to dress up and then leave the house fully styled so he just said “easy, we’ll meet at your place”.

Oh well, seems like I just invited him. I was ultra nervous that day, styled and restyled, thought what I’do and what I wouldn’t, thought hard and long if I was going to kiss him if he wanted that. Little did i know.

When the doorbell finally rang, my heart pounded like a jackhammer, I opened the door just a bit, then took a step back, got to my knees, adjusted my satin dress and looked down. We had agreed on that, same as me not speaking until he told me to.

I felt like ages before he opened the door wider and stepped in. He came close and all I could see where his shoes. Nice ones, too. I heard him breath and then felt his hand on my head, my cheek. His touch was so gentle, he smelled nice. Then he helped me up and before I knew what was happening, he had me in his arms and kissed me on the mouth!

I was too shocked to do anything much, except kiss him back and wondering if this was happening for real! Suddenly his tongue opened my lips and we were kissing heavily. I realised I was sucking gently on his tongue and blushed even more when I realised that I liked it, oh, liked it sooooo much.

After a while he stopped, took me by the hand and let me to the living room. I had prepared a drink for him, dimmed the light, put on some music and lit a few candles. He seemed to like it. He went over to the armchair, sat down and took his drink. As he sipped on it, he viewed me over the top of the glass. I still stood in the middle of the room, my head racing with thoughts. Daddy hadn’t given me a choice, he just went and kissed me and I learned I liked it. It would probably taken me several dates before I had made a move like that, if ever. He had also tested me, wanted to know if I would comply or raise objections. He doesn’t like that at all, I had already learned that online.

So I stood there rather bewildered and he viewed me when I suddenly heard his voice: “turn around”. So i turned, dress flowing, trying to move in a nice and smooth way, still a bit wobbly in my high pink sissy heels. They have little bells on them so I jingled while doing it. After a while he said “well, at least you won’t get lost”. Daddy, he likes jokes, haha. Then another command “dance for me”.

I danced with the music, at least I moved. I was still very nervous, trying to follow things, it was all moving a bit faster than what I expected. After a while, he told me to stop. He took another sip and commented: “well, there is a lot to work on here. You want to move in a very female way, sweet sissy way. You will have to practise a lot more if you want to impress me” I had hoped for some acclaim and his honesty shocked me a bit. But nothing like the words I heard next! he placed his drink on the little table beside him, looked me directly in the eyes and calmly told me: “suck me”.

The words rang in my ears, I was stunned! This was all moving way to fast, he couldn’t really expect me to… Then I realised this was another test. He wanted to know how far i would go, how much I was really committed, how real our relationship was. I went over to him like in a trance. He opened his trousers and pulled them down a bit. I went to my knees in front of him, wondering how far he would test me. Then he opened his undies and all of a sudden I had his dick right in front of my face! I looked up at him and he raised an eyebrow. He really wanted me to do it, no joke, no bluff! I had never done that in real life so I hesitated. “Come on sissy sweetheart, you can do it” I heard. Well, I had fantasized about it, hadn’t I? I forced my self forward a bit, and very gently kissed the tip of his magic wand. I was rewarded with a sigh.

Slowly I began to try out more, parted my lips and let the head slip into my mouth. Very gently I started to suck and got more sighs. I ahve to admit that it came to me naturally, doing this. Before I realised it, I had taken him deeper in my mouth and stared to suck more earnestly. Daddy put one hand on my head and pressed me a bit more onto him. Then he started to move his hips and suddenly he was in too deep and made me gag. I said sorry straight away and learned that I was drooling while saying that. He just smiled and said “that happens, don’t worry, you’re doing great”. Thus encouraged I continued. Pleased him with my mouth, suking him while he thrust in and out of me. After a while his moans were getting louder, his thrusts more urgent and I started to think: “oh my, he is going to come! I wondered where he wanted to unload and thought hopefully not on my dress when all of a sudden he came into my mouth!

His warm love juice spurted in my mouth, I was surprised, automatically tried to swallow but it was a lot and I wasn’t prepared, so quite a bit flowed out over my lips and when I jerked my head back with surprise, he came onto my face, too.

“What the he..?” I heard him say, as I was turning away, instinctively turning towrds the bathroom to clean me up.

“Stop! What do you think you are doing?!” It was a sharp command, i stopped dead in my tracks. “turn around and look at the mess you made!” I turned, very much aware of his love juice on my face and in my mouth, the bitter sweet and naughty taste. I looked at him and his undies where full of cum. “I…I’m sorry, I didn’t…I, can I just go and clean myself?”

He looked at me and said: “Wow, you have a lot to learn still. Clean yourself before you clean Daddy. Really?” I said sorry, not knowing what he expected of me exactly. “Do you have a dryer?” he asked me and I nodded. “Well, wash them, put them in there and then come back, we have to talk. After that I might give you permission to clean yourself.” I did what he had ordered, went to the bathroom, hand washed his undies and put them in the dry. Still full of cum. Me, not the undies, they were clean by now. I did all that mechanically. My head was empty, or full, I didn’t know. It had all happened so quickly, I crossed so many borders in such a short time and now I stood there bewildered, feeling a bit dirty and… aroused I realised. I blushed again. Yes, indeed, I was really horny. And I admired him, for having guided me, tearing dowm my defences along the way, bringing me to this point.

I went back to the living room where Daddy was sitting with a towel now. Spontaneously I knelt down and said “Thank you Daddy”. I don’t think he had expected that, because he looked surprised for a second, then smiled and said “well done sissy, you passed a lot of tests today. We might still make a good sissy girl out of you after all!”. I relished the praise.
He toook another sip of his drink and then said “ok, let’s sum things up a bit, shall we?” Without waiting for my reaction he continued: “Your kissing is actually very good, soft lips, the wa you suck on a tongue is very promising. The way you move still needs a lot of tweaking but we’ll work on that. Oh, and by the way, you can’t just give everyone who alks into here a blowjob!” I was about to protest, opened my mouth, but he raised an eyebrow and the look on his face said: You better not. So I stayed quiet and he said: “the blowjob was nice, too, for a beginner girl, but if you waste daddy’s cum one more time, you are in big trouble, understand?” I nodded, “yes Daddy”. “Ok, now you can go and clean yourself”. I said thank you and went to the bathroom again, cleand myself and refreshed my make up tat had gone quite runny by then. While doing that I became aware of just how much I liked him. Him and his firm but fair rules, his guidance, the way he pressed ahead. Being left with a choice I would probably never have done those things. But he left me none so I had done them and now was able to feel how much I liked them.

With a big smile I went back into the living room, went to my place beside the armchair and knelt down. He padded my head and I watched him sip his drink a bit more, with loving eyes.




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have a slutty weekend!!!!

wife knows I dress

about a year ago  I went away for a few days with some friends. While I was away I forgot to passsword lock my computer and my wife decided she was gonna use it. Soon she discovered all my pics of me dressed as sissy and there are tons. this prompted her to search through my office area and see if she could find anything else. she found that i have whole wardrobe of womans clothing plus a few toys. When i came home I found a note on the door telling she knew my secret and that she picked out and outfit for me to put on, then meet her in the center of the food court at the mall. She said if wanted to dress like a girl she will treat me like one. I got dressed and met up with her. When i got there she told me to be ready to shop for slutty clothes and to go out later that night to a nightclub where she would make flirt with men while she watched. I was not allowed to leave the club till I had a man to take me home. after a few hours I met a guy that took me back to his house and fucked me till I came from clitty. I went home and my wife said your such a faggot and introduced to me her new boyfriend. He now lives with us and I serve them both as their sissy maid.

Confessing to being a sissy

Confessing to being a sissy

Confessing to being a Sissy.


So here I am, all wound up and ready.  I’m tired of thinking about doing, I’m tired of wondering if I really want to submit my photos to a Goddess that I’ve never talked to, and who is another Continent away. Her sites seem so well laid out, and it appears she has made it very easy for me upload some pictures and get started.  I’ve been so tempted to just jump in and see what happens.  I can’t stop myself any longer.


My biggest fear is, that if I don’t take the risk, and just do this, that the opportunity to give it a try, this site will be gone.  After all, why would Goddess Xena keep the site around, if no one used it.  Besides all the fun of posing for my pictures have passed, and sharing them allows me to relive it all, not to mention sharing them may allow for new excitement, and even more experiences. 


All of my life, I’ve admired girls that could command the attention of a specific guy or a group of guys, with a simple smile, a sexy walk, whispers, giggles, covering her mouth…… you get the picture the list goes on and on.   To make things worse, I’ve never considered myself to be strong, I’m certainly not muscular, I never excelled at sports, and I have never won a fight.   Therefore, deep down I’ve never felt worthy of any girl or woman, however this never stopped me from making an attempt.  Amazingly, I had more success than I probably should have, but most of my relationships ended as soon as the new wore off. Eventually, I tried of playing the usual game that guys with the girls, and I began to crave something kinkier. 


I was unsuccessful at finding or convincing a female into wearing stockings, guarders, and sexy lingerie for me (in reality I didn’t know how to ask) therefore I decided, if no one wanted to wear such garments for me, perhaps I could just wear them myself.  I have to admit this thought came to me on a vacation with the guys, as we drove through the desert, completely out of things to talk about and all too tired to care.  I quietly made the decision to go for it, right there in the car with them sitting around me.  Perhaps it was partially out of desperation to have an orgasm, as I hadn’t had one in almost a week, or maybe, I was just meant to be a sissy.  Now you might laugh at my inability to go a little over a week without an orgasm, but in all actuality, at that time I was still masturbating as much as six times a day.  To make matters worse, I purchased my first dildo just a few months earlier, I loved it and I was missing it, too.


Back in those days Men’s magazines were a big thing.  If I was out late at night, it wasn’t beyond me to buy three or four to masturbate to. Eventually, I noticed a beautiful transsexual in the ads in back and I eventually found myself masturbating to her pictures and thinking about her as much or sometimes more than the centerfolds.


As I said, I was definitely wanting to get kinkier, and on the radio one day, I heard the d-jay say that most of the subscribers to Playgirl Magazine were actually gay men. It wasn’t long and one night after a few drinks, I purchased one of their magazines.  I felt so guilty having purchased it, that I threw it out a few nights later.  But, oh my God, did that centerfold guy have a nice body and cock.      


I found myself buying kinkier and kinkier material, eventually buying a copy of shaved magazine. I those days it was so rare to find a girl that shaved her pubic hair.  Being more afraid to ask a girl to do that, than to wear sexy lingerie, my own razor eventually met with my pubic hair, and suddenly I was bare.  This happened on a cold winter night and I felt like I was freezing when outside for the next month.  I was bare down there, and suddenly I couldn’t ask a girl out or pick one up because I was a freak with no pubes. 


It wasn’t long and I was standing in a department store, nervous as hell, picking out my first pairs of panties. An older lady asked me if I needed help, but I was so embarrassed I could barely speak.  Getting through it, I left the store and went into a fast food restaurant and changed into my first lacy thong in their restroom.  OMG it felt so amazing, it was awesome.  I had some wonderful orgasms over the next several days, but within three days I wanted to go shopping again, and see what the next sales associate would do or say.


Skipping forward, I eventually found myself wanting to pose for some pictures and see what I’d look like.  I eventually made my way to a photographer’s studio on two different occasions.


And, to be honest with you, it’s not a question of when I will submit them here, it’s really a matter of when. You see I’ve already loaded my photos on the submission form, a week ago, and I’m just enjoying the buildup, and formulating a written confession.  My penis is longing for me to take a chance and do this.  So here I am……….  And here this goes…….  I also hope to get exposed on “Expose a sissy” too……….


tara t       Con