Anal prep pt 1

Anal prep pt 1



There are some things that need to happen to prepare yourself and your partner for anal sex. Step one is cleanliness. You always need to make sure your asshole and rectum are clean and prepared to handle dick. If needed, use an enema about an hour before engaging in anal sex and then clean yourself really good after you have expelled the enema liquid. Now your asshole is prepared to accept a guy’s manhood. This cleanliness also allows you more options about where to take his spunk. If he pulls out and his dick is still clean, then he can put it against your face and give you a facial or shove it in your mouth and shoot his wad.

Step two in receiving anal sex is properly preparing your partner’s penis. I do not have to tell you that size definitely matters. The size of your partner’s member will determine the type of condom he will wear if needed, type of lubrication needed, amount of lubrication needed, and the difficulty it takes to fit it in you. If you just look at your partner’s dick, sometimes that can be very deceptive because first it may not be completely hard and second, you will judge it according to the proportion of his body size.

For example, if a large man is going to fuck you, his cock may not seem as big as it actually is when comparing it to the size of his body. This is the reason why I always suck a guy’s dick before I allow him to fuck me. By going down on your man, you first will get him completely erect, get him hornier, and you can feel his complete size with your mouth. Now that you have his cock completely engorged, you can make better decisions on proceeding forward.

Condom size is very important. You want to be sure you have a supply of magnum condoms as well as regular size. I like to put the condom on the guy myself to guarantee proper placement, fit, and to guarantee the reservoir tip is directly over the hole to catch all his cum. I once hooked up with this black man named Randy who I met at a bar and we ended up back at my place. He was very well hung and neither of us had any large condoms so we just used a regular sized one I had in my drawer. I should have listened to my instincts when I had trouble getting it on him. Eventually, he was holding my ankles while furiously pounding me in the missionary position and when he unloaded his spunk, I thought I could feel the warmth of it while he was shooting. When he pulled out, I was horrified to see the condom was completely broken and the only thing left on his dick was the rubber ring around the base of his shaft next to his pubic hair. Randy had completely shattered his rubber because of the size of his dick and the friction of my tight asshole.

I have also had the complete opposite happen to me. The first time I allowed this waiter named Tim to fuck me; I put a large condom on him because he had a long penis. Even though he was about nine inches in length, he was very thin in girth. He fucked me for quite a while in several different positions and because of the duration and him leaking so much precum, his rubber completely slipped off inside me. Once again, we didn’t know it until after he came. It took a couple of minutes after we had finished for me to find it and pull it out.

Whether you are going to use a condom or going bareback, you need to use lubrication. Most of the time, you want to use a water soluble lube like Astro-gluide or KY Jelly. These types of lubrications will not interact with your latex material and are easily expelled. Occasionally it is nice to mix it up and use baby oil, Vaseline or something creative. I once was at this guy’s apartment that had just moved in and most things were boxed up. I was giving him a blowjob on his couch when he got so horny and needed to fuck. We looked around in boxes for anything to use and the only thing we could find was peanut cooking oil. Surprisingly it worked very well and we were able to kill two birds with one stone because he ended up pulling out and cumming in my mouth and that mixed with the oil taste was not bad compared to when it is mixed with regular lubrication.

I find it best to lubricate both, his cock and your own asshole. There is really no reason for both of you to get lube on your hands so decide which one of you will do it. Most of the time, I am the one who greases up my partner’s dong with some stroking and then I slather my own asshole by sticking my fingers in and swirling them around. I personally like to do it myself because one, I can control the amount of lube and second, it prevents him from having it all over his hands and he won’t accidently smear it all over your hips, ankles, or waist when he is holding on for leverage.

Semen is a great lubrication. Of course it can only be used if your partner has the stamina to fuck you twice or if you’re involved in a threesome or an orgy. One time I was involved in a threesome where both guys came twice. After the first guy blew his load in my ass, it was lubed well enough to last the total sex session with both men. After taking 4 loads in my butt, I did feel as though I had a cum enema and not once was there any trouble getting them in and out of me.


Once you are clean and both of you are lubricated properly, it is time to fit him inside you. This is the hardest part. If a guy has a large dick or even just a large head, it can start out very painful. Your lover has to be very careful and patient. If he has a smaller to medium sized cock, I will allow him to insert it my rectum but if he is extremely large or just has bulk, I like to control the entrance. If I am unsure, I will error on the size of large.

If your lover is the one that will be doing the inserting, it helps if you reach back and guide him. Place his penis head up against your hole, take a deep breath, and relax your sphincter muscles. When he pushes, keep your breathing smooth and controlled while you allow the mushroom to pop in you. Your anus will stretch but it still is quite painful in the beginning. Try to hold it as long as you can and if the pain gets too unbearable, have him take it out. At this time is when many people give up on anal sex but you have to be persistent. The second or third time he slides his head in your butthole, the pain will be a lot less. Your hole will eventually adapt and accommodate his size but it takes time. This is why I say your partner has to be patient. This is another reason I like to be in control if my partner is hung.

Once he is inside you, and the pain has subsided, then allow him to feed his inches into you slowly. This can also be painful and this is why he needs to be patient and well lubricated. I prefer he goes ahead and buries his cock all the way in me until his pubic hair is touching my ass crack as soon as he can because this allows you to get acclimated to all of it and there are no surprises later on. Once you are ready, he can begin his thrusting.

Now if your partner has a large dick, you have to approach it differently because he can do some serious damage to you and this is why I like to be in control. After I have sucked a guy to full erection, I will have him either lie on the floor or sit on the edge of a chair so that I still have access to put my feet on a hard surface. I will hold his hard cock where it is pointed straight in the air, squat down on top of it, place it directly against my asshole, then ease myself down on it until it is tolerable. Sometimes, it may take as many as three or four times of you pulling off and then getting back on it. Eventually, I will be sitting on his lap with his huge dong buried in my rectum.

If you’re properly lubed, stretched, and able to take his size, then you can have him fuck you. I like to bounce on him for a while just to get everything adjusted and then switch to different positions of his choice. You can always finish by going back to the original position of riding him until he cums. I will tell you that a large dick can make a difference inside you. When your butt is completely stuffed with a huge dick, the length of it feels like it is up in your intestines and the suction can put air in your stomach and give you cramps. When fucking a well hung man, you need to take his cock out of you periodically during your sex session. Don’t wait too long before you get it back in so that your hole is still stretched and ready.

The largest guy who has ever fucked me was when I was in college and he was a black linebacker on the football team. His dick was absolutely huge. It was about 12 inches long and as big around as a Pringles can. If he struck out with the ladies on the weekends, he would call me over late at night and give me his monster. It was so big; I could barely give him blowjobs. I would have to open my mouth as far as I could just to fit in his head, and after that I could only get a couple of inches in my mouth. I basically could only jack him off with both of my hands while blowing him and when he would finally shoot his load, I could barely take it without choking. You could imagine my horror and excitement when he wanted to fuck my ass with that tree trunk.

The first time, I had to take a pain pill just to get relaxed and prepared to handle Vinny’s monster. The fact there were a few girls around who he had fucked, used to tell people that there was no way anyone could take it in the ass. Hearing this actually excited me and made me want it even more. I was ready to accept the challenge. That first time, it was about 2:15 in the morning and I used Vasoline and lots of it to prepare myself for him. Vinny was really d***k but didn’t have much trouble getting that huge dick hard. I had to sit on him and really work it around until it finally plopped in me and the pain was overwhelming. I thought I was ripped and pulled off immediately. I repeated this several times before I was able to handle it. Eventually I was able to sit all the way down on that dick and I swear it felt like it was up inside my belly. You always hear or read when people say that a cock that large feels good but that is a total lie. You never get completely used to a cock that big. You can eventually tolerate it but you make sure you are fully lubed up and say things that can make him cum quickly.

When fucking a large cock, air builds up inside your anus and it can form suction upon withdrawal. On another night when Vinny came over d***k and extremely horny, I ended up on my back while he pumped so hard that his balls ended up leaving red marks on my ass from the repeated smacking. I know it sounds made up but his balls were also huge and hung extraordinarily low. After he finally came, he just rested for a couple of minutes with that huge cock still in me. Even though his dong had deflated a little bit, the suction had built up so much that when he finally pulled out, a string of cum squirted out through his legs and across the carpet. It looked like it had squirted out of a water bottle.

Taking the Cock

Now that your asshole is acclimated to his dick, it is time to get screwed. There are many positions that can give you just as much pleasure as the guy pounding you. If you are flexible like I am, then lay on your back, with a pillow under your ass to position your hole more upward, and have him put your legs behind your head. He can hold your ankles to give himself leverage while he pumps straight down. In this position, you can reach around his ass and kinda hold him steady so he doesn’t slide away if he is on his knees. If he is young or strong, he can also stand on his feet and fuck you without sliding away. This position really feels good on your prostate and also allows you to feel his warm cum as it squirts in you. I can tell you that it feels better when you feel his cum shoot further up you and that is why I like pulling his ass toward me he cums.

Another good position that I use which has many benefits is when I get on my knees on the couch facing the back of it. I put both my hands on the back with my legs spread. This allows my lover to stand comfortably and be at a perfect height for him to insert himself inside me without having to squat. If he is taller, he can just spread his legs wider to make himself shorter and yet his feet are flat on the floor to dig in for better traction.

This is also a good position because you can hold on to the couch no matter how f***eful he pumps you. This position is also very convenient if he is a pull out cummer. He literally doesn’t even have to adjust himself if he chooses to pull out and shoot it on your ass or back. If he likes to pull out and give you a facial or cum in your mouth, it is a very easy and quick transition because he can pull out and all you have to do is swing one leg over and immediately you are in a setting position at the perfect height to his dick. If he is wearing a rubber, this will also give him time to pull it off.

Now you are ready for his load without wasting much time at all. Since your face is at the right height, he can grab the top of your head to steady himself while he erupts all over it. He also has the option to stick it in your mouth when he cums or just open your mouth and he can shoot it in there. You can also reach up and be the one who jacks him off in your mouth or on your face. With this position, there are so many good options and they are comfortable for both of you. If he is wearing a rubber and you are the one to pull it off, don’t grab it by the reservoir tip and pull because it will get stuck trying to come off. Use all five of your fingers in a claw position, grab the ring or base of the condom, and pull it off as though you are unrolling it and eventually it will just slip off. You have to do this very quickly or it will be too late and he will fill the rubber up before you can get it off.

Another benefit to this position is that it works well if you are engaging in a threesome. Of course the couch needs to up against the wall. The first guy can be sitting on the back of the couch in front of you and you can suck his dick while the other lover is fucking you. This is very erotic and it is very exciting if you can make both men cum at the same time. I have had threesomes many times but I have only been able to make them cum together a couple of times. Both guys have to communicate with you and you may have to slow down at one end to allow the other to catch up. Nothing is more satisfying to hear both of them grunting and screaming at the same time while your mouth and asshole are filling up with both loads simultaneously.

Now I stated earlier that if my lover has a huge cock, I will ride him in the beginning just so I can control the entrance. As you know, we all love to have our dicks rode. There have been occasions where I will just ride a guy the whole until he cums. Most of the time, I will start out riding him, then we will switch to different positions, and sometimes I will go back and ride him at the end until he shoots. The down side to riding cock is your legs have to be in pretty good shape or you run out of steam. It doesn’t really matter if you’re facing toward him or away from him; you basically have two types of riding. You can be flat on your feet and lift yourself up and down on his cock that I call bouncing. Bouncing on a man’s dick feels great for both of you but your legs give out pretty quick and then you can resort to rocking. Rocking is when you are on your knees rather than your feet and you rock back and forth drawing his dong in and out of you.

You can periodically rock and bounce but when your lover is getting close to cumming, I think slowly bouncing straight up and down on him is what feels the best for both of you. It is like your in control and you are literally milking his prick with your asshole. If he is a large man and you are smaller, there are times when he will lift you up and down on his cock like he is masturbating with your rectum. At this point, he will feel so good all you need to do is throw in some dirty talk and this will put him over the edge. I will say things like, “Go ahead fill it up or fill me up” or “Give me that cum. I need it.”

The rocking position is really the only position you can use comfortably and perform a double penetration. I honestly don’t recommend double penetration because of the potential of tearing your rectum. I have only done this twice and once it did tear me a little. If your going to do it, be very lubricated, then have the guy with the biggest dick lay down on his back. You need to straddle him on your knees in the rocking position, facing him. Let me repeat; always have the guy with the biggest cock in you first. Once you have him in and you are comfortable, lean forward as if you are laying on him chest to chest. The other man will be on his knees facing you two or standing if you happen to be on the side of the bed or couch. The first guy, who is already in you, needs to remain perfectly still until the second man gets his dick all the way in as well. This can take some time and both times for me it hurt like hell. Once both dicks are inside your asshole, you mostly have to let the guy on top do the pumping while the guy on bottom just enjoys you moving a little bit.

Another great position is with you lying on your side and he is also lying on his side directly behind you. All you have to do is lift your leg and he will have easy access to work is cock in you. My ex used to love this position and right before he would cum, he would rise up to his knees, lift my top leg over his shoulder and unload his cum in me scissors style. Men can basically have anal sex in just about any position a man and a woman can. You have to be creative and patient.

Taking the Cum

No matter your position, you eventually have to prepare yourself for your lover’s cum. He has worked extremely hard pumping your asshole and I feel he has earned the right to decide how and where he wants to cum even though you might give him suggestions. At this point he is probably out of breath and sweat forming on his forehead. By giving him suggestions or asking him will add to his excitement and probably make him shoot. Quite often, I will have a guy humping and pumping and I will look back at him and say, “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” or “Do you want to pull out and shoot it on my back?” When they hear this, they will usually decide immediately and off they go.

I think most guys appreciate clenching. I like to give that guy a little extra feeling right before he cums. Most guys will give you a clue when they about ready to shoot their load whether it is verbally or with their body language. I vaguely remember this guy back in college but what I do remember is every time he got ready to cum, he would open his eyes really wide and hold his breath. That was a give away and that is when I would clench my asshole together to provide that extra sensitive tightness. When he came, he would shove his cock in my ass far as he could, hold it still with the exception of just slight rocking. He told me that he felt like he was milking himself in me. He would cum so hard that he would go weak at the knees for a few minutes.

Finally, if your lover decides he is going to cum in your ass, allow him to finish as he pleases. I know when most guys start cumming, they will buck, shake, cram it far up you, violently grab and pull you to them, and so forth. I know sometimes it can be slightly uncomfortable but it is best to remain still and allow your lover to do what he wants until he completely finishes. This will only enhance his orgasm and his pleasure. Vinny used to throw himself in me so hard, I felt he was coming out of my mouth and it wasn’t always pleasurable to me, but Vinny would be so satisfied, he came back for more.


T-Girl Tips

T-Girl Tips

I’ve seen some really great looking TGirls out in public and had to really look to make them, but I’ve also seen some real disaster areas and been acutely embarrassed for them. Ok I’m all for people doing what they want to do, and we can’t all look fabulous all of the time…you really don’t want to see me first thing in the morning…but please be sensible!! Which brings me nicely to………

IF you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them…and that’s all I’ve got to say on the subject of shoes!!

ALWAYS use the Ladies toilet/bathroom when you’re out!! To even attempt to use the Gents will be tantamount to committing suicide!! Better still, if you are going out to non-TG places and you’re not sure, plan your day so that you don’t have to use a facility.

MAKEUP – Once again appropriateness is the keyword, go for a light natural look during the day, look at girls again to see how they do it, and then you can glam it up with lashings of slap in the evening if that’s the way you wanna look.

FOUNDATION – While we’re on the subject of makeup, for god’s sake get a decent foundation. There’s nothing worse than seeing a really well turned out TGirl with a blue chin. I recommend (and no, I’m not on a percentage!) Derma Colour, any good theatrical cosmetic supplier will stock it. Here in the UK I always get mine from Charles Fox of Covent Garden, London.



NEVER, EVER try to pass yourself off as something you’re not if you get stopped by the Police while driving…if you try, you will end up in serious shit!! I’ve been stopped by the Police twice (eerr, while driving I hasten to add!!) and when greeted with that well-loved phrase ”Good Evening Madam, please step out of the car”, I have explained exactly the person I am straight away….on both occasions the Police Officers were polite and extremely professional (one was quite cute actually, but I didn’t give him my number!) and everything was fine. In fact one of them said that if I hadn’t of told him, then he wouldn’t have known! Oh yes, and while we’re on the subject of driving and the law………

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE never drink and drive at anytime!!! If you insist on doing so then no one is going to cry over your sorry arse when you total yourself in an accident, but what about the other people involved!?!? Just don’t do it ok, it’s not necessary!!


DISCRIMINATION – Unless you’ve been on another galaxy (and I don’t mean South London, with apologies to anyone who comes from there) you may have noticed that there is a whole lot of stuff going on these days with regard to discrimination. It is against the law to discriminate against anybody with regard to their gender, this includes Transgendered people….the law is on your side!

CONFIDENCE will carry you a long, long way. If you walk into a place like you own it, with your head held high then you will carry all before you. Slide in whilst hanging onto the wall and you will immediately be noticed and perceived as being vulnerable, and therefore an easy target. YOU grab the initiative!! I’m extremely lucky in that confidence is something I’ve never been short of, but for those of you who perhaps are still getting there, ,don’t force it, let it come. Or maybe go out with someone who has a lot of confidence and can help you through. But either way……..

BE AWARE – Ok we’ve talked about discrimination, but you are still an easy target for muggers and all sorts of lowlife that exist out there. Think like a woman, be aware of your surroundings and people in your vicinity and don’t put yourself in an awkward situation in the first place. You are your own best protection.

Good luck!!





stretch-me-out:I love how she just manually stretches to fit the…

stretch-me-out:I love how she just manually stretches to fit the…



I love how she just manually stretches to fit the plug in. Talk about hole goals…

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ohxxxyes: “ Jodies Task; Anal Gape Task 1. Lube up your bum 2. Put a cute pair of socks on 3. Put your ass in the air 4. Stick a dildo in your asshole and keep it in there for a little while. 5. Jank it out and enjoy your gaping hole! 6. Repeat step... ohxxxyes

Jodies Task; Anal Gape Task

1. Lube up your bum
2. Put a cute pair of socks on
3. Put your ass in the air
4. Stick a dildo in your asshole and keep it in there for a little while.
5. Jank it out and enjoy your gaping hole!
6. Repeat step 4&5 a dozen of times.

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Before reading: it’s possible for you to find some spelling errors. After all I’m not an english speaker. My apologies.
I’ve put a lot of effort into this publication. I’d be happy if you could apreciate it.

I don’t own any of the images

Thank you <3

A) The benefits of sissifying him

· No more “alpha male” bullshit. He’ll be nice, won’t cheat and won’t take advantage of you. Of course he won’t smoke or drink if you don’t let him.

· He’ll pay attention to you. It’s a matter of time of him becoming more sensitive, honest and respectful.

· You could have as many lovers as you want. You don’t want to have sex with him. And you know it because he’s a terrible lover and never satisfies you becaus of his tiny dick.

· Doing the house chores? Never again. He’ll do all the house work, the laundry, cooking, cleaning, serving you and your lovers if you want.

· He’ll satisfy you with his tong. No more penetration for him and he’ll become a great pussy licker while other men have sex with you.

· And essentially he’ll obey you in every possible way

B) Steps (1 to 8)

1. A little introduction

Sissyfication takes its time. Don’t expect to have a sissy boyfriend or husband the next week after reading this guide. All the process is like a psicological battle that you have to -and you will- win as long as you take it easy and you don’t force anything. If everything flows everything will be fine and you’ll end up having an obedient sissy boyfriend. Remember that it’s essential to keep calm and not to raise suspicions.

2. Hairless, but long hair

Nowadays it is perfectly normal to ask your couple to shave his parts, legs, beard and even the arms. On the other hand it’s normal to see men with a long hair.

Tell him to shave any hair of his body and encourage him on letting his hair grow. Explain him that you prefer hairless men over hairy men but you think that men with long hair are sexy. You can even argue that this way is more hygienic.

This phase will last more or less depending on how much resistance he opposes. When it’s a normal thing for him to shave and not going to the hairdresser, it’s time to begin with the next phase.

3. No more male masturbation. Less sex

Tell him what do you think about male masturbation. Explain him that you see it as a selfish act, you don’t feel desired because he prefers to masturbate instead of waiting for you and it ruins the sex. Tell him you won’t masturbate either, even though you’d be lying.

At the same time reduce the times you two have sex per week. Just reduce it, say nothing about it. If he asks tell him you’re very stressed because of the work or anything you can think of.

It is important for him to feel loved or he’ll think you want to dump him. Express your love without having sex. He’ll adapt to this situation eventually.

4. The panties. Breaking his manhood

This phase is crucial and delicate. The goal is to get him into wearing panties, no matter how as long as it works. Find some innocent way like playing a game or just for fun.

Phrases like “I wonder how you’d look wearing my panties. Could you wear them for me, please?” or “I bet you are not capable of wearing my panties” usually work. Of course you have to know the nature of your boyfriend and how he’d react.

After this, encourage him to wear them if he likes it. Tell him that’s not a shame to wear panties and it won’t make him less man, and that you love him more than ever.

When you’re sure that he likes to wear your panties, or at least he’s not refusing it, tell him to wear them while both of you have sex. Explain him that it turns you on. If he loves you, he’ll do it.

At the end of the phase, ask him to wear them every day at home. Depending on how much he’s into wearing panties he won’t refuse wearing them permanently. Until he’s not wearing them permanently, do not try the next phase. Increase the times you two have sex per week.

5. The makeup. Toes painted

After getting him into wearing panties this phase should be easy. Make him to paint your nails -hands and feets-, and to makeup you. Teach him how it’s done. Do this for a few days before trying to makeup him.

In principle he won’t resist. If he refuses to wear makeup and paint his nails, use phrases like “"I’m just wondering how you’d look wearing makeup and you’re already wearing panties. Do it for me, please… ”

Encourage him to wear makeup and paint his nails. If he keeps his toes painted and wears makeup everyday, he’s ready for the next phase.

6. Dressing him

It’s time for him to wear dresses, bra’s, stockings, skirts, tops and even heels. Use the same techniques I’ve teached you on the previous phases. At this point he won’t resist.

Remember to have sex with him and express your love. He has to feel that you love him more than ever.

Make sure that he feels comfortable wearing womens clothing and makeup. Once he’s been feminized, it’s time to move on to the bigger things.

7. The chastity

It’s a matter of convincing him with arguments. Spicing up your sex life with an intimate secret that only the two of you share, powerful and intense orgasms – admittedly less frequent, but far more satisfying, an enhanced, invigorated intimacy that leaves him constantly charged with sexual energy rather than feeling drained and weak…

Essentially, tell him that chastity makes sex better. Explain him that a lot of your girl friends keep their boyfriends locked, that it’s normal.

Before locking him up, agree on how many days he’ll remain locked. After 3 or 4 days release him, make him love, and lock it again. Atfer a week or so, do the same. Gradually, make the gap between unlockings longer.

After two weeks or so, it’s time to try anal.

8. The anal play. The final step

Unlock him and prepare to have sex with him. He’ll be so horny he’ll accept anything you propose, so while you’re having sex introduce your little finger into his anus. See how reacts and if he don’t opposes try introducing another finger.

After having sex, lock him up again. After three weeks or so, release him and do the same. Stimulate his prostate. After having sex again, ask him if he liked it -the anal stimulation-. If he says yes, the next time you’re having sex show him your dildo, and use a lot of lube if he accepts being penetrated. Now the pattern is: “unlock, anal, let him cum, lock, unlock…”

Once he gets used to this way of having sex with you it’s time to keep him in permanent chastity, but don’t stop penetrating him with the strapon you’ve previoysly bought. Try the next phase once he lets you penetrate him almost everyday.

Now you have absolute control over him. You decide when he can cum, when he’s penetrated by you and what he can wear. Essentially he’ll always obey you. It’s time to explain him that he’s not longer a man, but a sissy.

C) Sharing your sissy: the big deal

After a few weeks or months training your sissy, she’ll do anything for you. If you want to, you’ll be able to make her participate into a trio with you and your lover. Before it, teach her the following: “You’ll always do whatever your masters say”. Make her repeat it: “I’ll do whatever my masters say”. Make sure that your sissy swallow and pleases your lover or lovers in any way.

D) The sissy training

Clothes: make him wear panties everyday, to everywhere. At home he can’t wear mens clothing. Make sure that he knows perfectly how to walk on high-heels. Teach him if it’s necessary. Same with the makeup.

Anal and oral: everyday he’ll fuck and suck a dildo. Apart from this, penetrate him with your strapon, also everyday. It’s no more his ass hole, it’s her pussy. It’s no more his mouth, it’s the hole she uses to give pleasure.

Behavior: teach him to behave like a sissy. That’s on a submissive way, sitting when peeing, never screaming, never protesting or replicating you…

Chastity: you can release your sissy boyfriend sometimes. But it’s not recommended. Instead of releasing him, it’s better if he cums from anal stimulation. Always make him to eat his own cum.

E) Final considerations

There are infinite ways to punish or reward your sissy. I’ll publish a list of them soon.
I can assure that if you follow those steps you’ll end up having a personal sissy.
Don’t forget that after all your sissy is your “boyfriend”. Love her!
With Love, Sasha <3 (Original content)

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delightfully girly behavior!



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We would be duty-bound to post this because of the come-bubble. But damn! Damn.

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When I slid open the shower curtain my brother was sitting on the toilet stroking his cock. I was about to scream for mom and dad until my brother said he would tell our parents where my stash of weed and Molly were if I made too much noise. As my brother laid out his plan for blackmailing me I began to hyperventilate as he explained the consequences of not doing as he directed. I knew my brother intended to fuck me but I didn’t realize he was recording the action until he bent me over the counter and I saw his phone with its unblinking eye. I knew I was beaten by the time my brother forced his penis into me so I don’t think that fishhooking my mouth was necessary. As my brother pawed at my tits and pussy I knew he wasn’t going to stop until he’d filled me with his cum. By the time my brother finished fucking me I came to the realization that he now owned me and any thoughts of getting rid of my drugs and reporting him were gone as all I wanted was my little brother to use my body for his pleasure whenever he wanted.

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Sunday is deep throat training day. Train hard and force that dildo down your throat. It will be hard today, but you will become a deep throat queen soon. It will be messy, you will drool, you will spit, and maybe there will be a drool explosion.

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T-Girl Tips

Induced Submissive Behavior and Gender Dysphoria in Biologically Normal Males

Abstract: This article attempts a dispassionate outline of practices normally dealt with only in sensationalistic literature: namely, the induction and maintenance of hypersubmissive behavior in biologically normal male humans, including induced fetishism, transvestism, and eonistic (transsexual) states.

The induction and maintenance of hypersubmissive behavior in biologically normal males has been reported in the sensational press for some time. These reports surface in stories of female-dominant “training” of male subjects to satisfy the female’s individual standard of dominant behavior until the male subjects become psychologically dependent on the female “trainer” and become highly plastic personalities. Many of the accounts can be dismissed as fantastic in nature, but the recurring theme points to a need for more serious investigation. This process of serious investigation has been hindered by lack of reliable accounts and by popular voyeuristic reporting of the condition.

Occasional role and power reversal fantasies are usually recognized as being within the range of observed normal behavior. Such fantasies (with limited acting-out) may occur as part of the healthy development of the heterosexual couple. The male may become bored with the role of aggressor, the female may wish to demonstrate overt seductive behavior. The role and power reversal fantasy may account for some, but not all, of the pseudo- sadomasochistic practices (occasional restraint of partner by mutual consent, for example) observed in both clinical and popular literature.

Unfortunately, little statistical evidence about the prevalence of this fantasy subtype exists. Anecdotal responses by males in responses to survey questions may be misleading because of shame-based reactions to being thought “less than virile” in the eyes of a masculinist culture.

In this study, we present a practical methodology for accomplishing submissiveness training and the induction of extremely submissive, even cross-gender behavior in the biologically normal male by chemical, psychological, hypnotic, and physical means. The methodology is a composite based on in-depth surveys of two feminist- dominant couples. We will cover selection, early destabilization of masculinist personality traits, induced hyper-aestheticism, extermination of masculine characteristics, induced transvestism and culminate in one case of induced transsexualism.

We shall use the term trainer for the female-dominant member of the couple and the term subject for the male submissive member.

Setting Expectations

It is perhaps little surprise that the largest long term problem in such relationships results from the enormous emotional investment the trainer places in the subject. While the cultural model of the more emotionally open male has been touted in much popular literature, a completely emotionally open subject can be a drain on the trainer’s psychological resources. Care should be taken to set realistic expectation levels during training of the subject both for the subject’s progress toward dependency and for the establishment of “obedience responses” toward the trainer. Complete conversion of the subject from a traditional to a hypersubmissive affect may require as much as five year’s effort. Of course, radical approaches exist, but in the context of the couples studied, it was noted that the subjects volunteered for more radical transformations once the initial processing had begun. Neither trainer had recourse to violence or physical punishment as a means of securing the desired results. Indeed, these methods avoided the sensationalistic model of humiliation experiences and focused on mutuality and sharing of emotional states as a motivator for the transformation of the subject.#


The ideal subject would have little emotional binding to any family situation, be sexually adventurous, have a strong self-image (necessary to avoid excessive transference during destruction of the masculinist personality), and have a strong sense of humor. A fascination with women in general and a deep appreciation of qualities traditionally associated with femininity are also highly desirable. Males whose vocational or business interests involve high aesthetic training (artists, beauty professionals, poets) appear to be promising candidates. So-called “liberated men” who are already questioning their role and the consequences of masculinist culture provide ideal subjects.

Physical qualities the trainer finds attractive will also play a role in selection of the subject. Both examples interviewed were remarkable from the standpoint of their selection: sexual dimorphism between the trainer and the subjects was relatively low. Both trainers were the same approximate height and weight as their subjects. For reasons which will be enumerated later, an ectomorphic somatotype yields the most promising candidates for advanced training. Fine facial features are a plus, but not wholly necessary.

Selection of the male may proceed from casual dating to early sexual situations, in which sexual adventurism and a sense of acting out “forbidden” fantasies of power and role reversal can be tried. Subjects showing strong aversion to such practices should be eliminated. Although unsubstantiated reports indicate that these males can be trained effectively, no substantive evidence has been presented that this can indeed be accomplished.

The wise trainer will develop extensive hypnotic and neurolinguistic programming skill before beginning a conversion of a subject as the services of sympathetic professionals are often difficult to secure, and are often prohibitively expensive.

Additionally, a suitable setting for conversion is a great asset. A physical location that affords minimal disruption and minimial possiblity of outside interference is a great benefit to any potential trainer. It is important that the subject’s contact with others be limited during the early phase of the extermination of the masculinist personality.

Early destabilization of masculinist traits

On the whole, progress toward androgynous child rearing has been appalling slow. Despite a generation of children reared since the early days of the feminist enlightenment, gender stereotyping is still promoted by parental behavior patterns. This may be a result of prevalent homophobic value systems, or it may represent an atavistic response to the two-career family – the psychological stress and time pressures of the two-career couple leave little time for the individualized attention that a truly gender neutral environment requires for assimilation.

Thus, subjects will resist early attempts at overt effeminization though a combination of defensive reactions and shame-based behaviors. “I couldn’t color my hair [in a bright color] like that- I have to go to work!” or “I’d feel silly wearing eyeshadow!” despite the fact that either procedure may result in a dramatic improvement in the subject’s normal (and at this phase, still masculine) appearance, when done discreetly as a prelude to intensified versions in the subject to follow.

The effective trainer will overcome resistance in four ways:

  1. Through the use of chemical euphorics which render the subject more open to “experimenting” with its identity. Although sensationalist literature cites the need for large amounts of chemical intervention at this stage to disorient the subject and increase its dependence on the trainer, our research indicates that this may be counterproductive. Through a combination of chemical disorientation and the items below, early extermination of masculine behavior can be achieved. However, such early massive pharmacological intervention to accomplish the extermination of the masculinist personality traits may leave the subject excessively dependent on the trainer, (which poses a burden for her) or worse yet, neurochemically damaged and unsuitable for further training. Some authors in the sensationalist literature have advocated large doses of hypnotics or hallucinogens at this stage in the hope of producing retro-amnesiac states. This practice appears to be undesirable both from the unreliable quality characteristics of commonly supplied street-available hypnotics and hallucinogens, and because the use of euphorics better prepares the subject to willingly explore the next stage of transformation. Low continuous doses of tranquilizers such as Valium appear to be most effective, both for the ataractic properties and because they may be readily obtained in pharmacologic form of known quality. Effectiveness appears to be increased if they are administered covertly, at least at first, and if pharmacological therapy is of at least two month’s duration.
  2. Through the use of both overt and covert behavioralist techniques to condition the subject’s psychological reflexes and defense mechanisms. This may include the granting or withholding of sexual favors. Behavior conditioning that emphasizes emotional expression and androgynous activity is appropriate in this category. The subject should be encouraged to proceed through internal conflict resolution almost as if in a conventional psychotheraputic setting. The difference between training and conventional theraputic settings is that the trainer will deliberately encourage the transference of positive feelings to herself and encourage rather than discourage emotional dependence on the part of the subject. It is important to resolve these more conventional problems (aggression, youth experiences, etc.) for two reasons: One, dealing with deeply felt emotions will enable more positive transference to the supportive trainer. Two, by resolving conventional conflicts early the induction of extreme submissivity can be achieved by exploiting the gratitude of the subject. This may lay the groundwork for induced eonism at a later date, and makes successful reassignment quicker and easier, as much of the basic psychotheraputic screening of eonists will be already accomplished.

Sexually rewarding androgynous behaviors and encouraging more inter-gender sex play will lay a foundation for the later and more complete destruction of the masculine personality traits. Particularly effective techniques include the appeal to the spirit of adventurousness required on the part of the subject. If the subject can be led to think that androgynization (at this stage still conducted in the couple’s more private moments) is an expression of sexual daring and is lavishly rewarded sexually for experimenting, then it will be easier to move to more traditionally feminine behaviors on the part of the subject.

  1. By emphasizing the masculinist-ego gratifying component: The optimal approach appears to be an appeal to security: “Only a man really secure about his masculinity would have the courage to try [the intended procedure].” This allows the subject to justify the behavior as an experiment, and therefore the behavior is less likely to be viewed as a direct assault on the subject’s masculinist ego. Of course, the resulting internal conflict that occurs as the result of contrasting hypermasculinist cultural programming with the androgyny-rewarding behavior of the (overtly female) trainer can be exploited. This is made all the easier because of cultural conditioning that alienates the subject from the nature of its own emotional state. The trainer steps in to resolve the conflict through reassurance and gentle encouragement of even more “adventurous” sex-play, and the subject may be drawn further toward demasculinization.
  2. Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming are extremely effective when introduced at this stage. Pretexts to have the subject enter therapy abound: cessation of a smoking habit, stress reduction, etc., can all be used as a reason to introduce the subject to mind-control technology which can then be exploited by the trainer. An ideal situation is to have the therapist as a covert partner in the activity. Hypnosis can be used to relax the subject and break down defensive mechanisms, so that the subject can truly afford to enjoy the attention being given by the trainer. Neurolinguistic programming may be used to gradually initiate new sexual fantasies focusing on the rewarding of the subject by the trainer for appropriate (i.e., androgynous or even feminine) behavior.

The traditional cautions have to be emphasized that hypnosis cannot break down willpower completely, and that even advanced hypnotic states cannot override the basic morality of the subject. However, the hypnotic state may be used to induce confusion about the subject’s psychosexual identity, which the trainer can then aid in resolving toward her objectives when the subject is returned to a conscious state. This is especially effective if the trainer inserts her own goals in the context of a fantasy-sharing experience. The hypnotic state introduces these shared goals at a subliminal level, and the context of fantasy provides a “safe escape” for the remaining masculinist personality. At this stage the ultimate objective must not be revealed to the subject, thus the emphasis on fantasy- sharing and subliminal manipulation.

Biofeedback and brain-wave alteration devices have not been evaluated for effectiveness by either couple in this study.

Sadomasochistic Phase

Despite claims in the sensational literature, there is no evidence that a fully developed sadomasochistic phase is required to induce hypersubmissive or cross-gender behavior in the subject. Of course, it may be the easiest way for the trainer to assume the single dominant role in the relationship, and the most directly intelligible to the subject. If this technique is chosen, training should emphasize instilling in the subject a deep desire to pleasure the trainer, no matter what the nature of the request. Aversion therapy to masculine behavior has been employed late in this phase, usually focusing on physical punishment for failure to satisfy the trainer. It is the experience of both couples in this study that no aversion therapy was necessary, and where proper foundations for the hypersubmissive personality were established, the subjects willingly and easily assumed their new role in the relationship.

Induced Hyper-asetheticism

Several commentators have postulated that gender dysphoria in a biologically normal male may be traced to hyper- aesthetic personality traits. These traits include:

* Hypersenstivity to environmental stimuli

* Narcissism

* Inability to “control” emotional state (as considered gender appropriate by the culture)

To deal with these opportunities, the wise trainer will exploit two culturally induced masculine characteristics:

* The state of being separated from their own body awareness outside a conventional sexual context (which accounts, in part, for the egocentric sexual performance of many conventional males).

* The state of being separated from their emotional condition.

Conventional masculinist culture places a premium on suppressing sensory stimuli and hyperrational ideation. Males are conditioned to “think through” a situation “rationally” as a way of differentiating themselves from feminine individuals, who are conditioned to place a higher value on empathy and both biological and physical self-awareness. These are weaknesses which can be exploited by the astute trainer.

During this phase, ataractic pharmacotherapy should be increased, and may be administered overtly depending on the subject. This modifies inhibition reactions in the subject and allows conditioning to proceed.

It is during this phase that sensual behavior should be exploited to its fullest. Remembering the basic inability of the subject to fully comprehend its own state, flooding the sensory inputs of the subject with novel stimuli (particularly sensual-sexual stimuli) are an effective way of breaking down the masculinist self-concept.

The subject should now be initiated in limited ways into an overtly androgynous life style. Using the pretext of updating its image, the trainer may usefully initiate the subject to more extensive cosmetic use. Emphasize the positive reaction from other females and the resultant improvement in the subject’s appearance. Sexually reward experimentation. A useful addition to pharmacotherapy is to increase sedation before planned exercises in image modification, and to continue increased dosage until sexual reward has been granted, thus increasing the effectiveness of the behavioral conditioning.

Particularly useful is the introduction of body and skin- care practices, which may be used to focus the subject’s awareness inward. Cosmetic practices that require “passive” participation by the subject (done in professional settings to the subject and requiring time to process [e.g., heat activated hair conditioners]) may be useful, as they begin to build a pattern of future submission to the trainer’s tastes and a pattern of allowing the subject’s image to be manipulated with their willing participation. One of the study couples reported excellent results when the trainer administered 10mg of Valium, hypnotized the subject, and then proceeded to direct extensive modification of the subject’s appearance (although not overt effeminization at this stage).

These attempts at building a narcissistic experience need reinforcement from other means: Neurolinguistic programming is vitally important as a means of refocusing parts of the subject’s fantasy life inward on emotional gratification that comes from physical “pampering” and the emotional attention granted by the trainer.

The trainer should also encourage the subject to display a full emotional range, beginning in the privacy of the domestic environment. Particularly important is the development of a grief processing mechanism, focusing on using crying as a release for pent-up senses of loss and frustration. Loss of emotional defense should be encouraged. All dependency is to be transferred to the trainer at this point.

During this phase of training, the subject should be encouraged to take up an aesthetic hobby: cosmetology, flower arranging, gourmet cooking, needlepoint, art, and knitting are all useful as shared activities which bond the subject to the experience of the trainer.

The practical benefits of such hobbies should not be underestimated: where the trainer elects to exterminate the masculinist personality completely, these hobbies may serve as the basis of new income producing skills (as most subjects entering the next phase of training will have to confront the consequences of behavior considered “gender- inappropriate” in the workplace. All these activities require developed sensitivity and attention to detail in a context which can become a shared pastime between trainer and subject. The sense of completely shared experience will serve as the emotional basis for the next phase, which involves substituting identification with the trainer for the sharing experiences building now.

This phase also presents the opportunity to construct the basis of the hypersubmissive personality. While some trainers elect to stop at this point, this article will continue through additional phases.

Developing the hypersubmissive behaviors can now be easily accomplished by a combination of behavior modification technique to reward the subject, and a mix of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming to instill a strong desire to please the trainer. This should be exaggerated until the subject does not consider the consequences of its behavior: alteration of emotional state on voice command of the trainer, induced physical responses to voice commands (e.g., sexual display), or alteration of the fulfillment mechanisms to voice or non-verbal command (e.g., the subject automatically rejecting argument in favor of submission during emotional discussions or directed changes in food, clothing or color preferences).

These practices are aimed at a common point: increasing sensual experience as mediated by the trainer. Proper conditioning results in the subject having euphoric reactions to the experimentation, revelling in both the attention of the trainer and the physical experience of being processed. The trainer then can move on to the induction of psychological dependence by rewarding the behavior so as to reinforce it. This phase should take between six to ten months.

Preparation of the subject for further training includes planning career changes to a more androgynous vocation. Skills acquired and interest shown during the “hobby training” started now can be used to provide a basis for a new economic identity. Neurolinguistic programming appears to be the most effective vehicle for accomplishing this task.

One other practical innovation should be discussed at this point. This phase is the last good opportunity to initiate the subject in the performance of domestic duties: laundry, housekeeping, cooking, food shopping, etc., all can be turned into excellent practical advantage, particularly if the subject is unable to make a vocational change immediately. The practical result is that a reduction in total income may be felt, but it will be in part compensated for by the reduction in outside service expense for domestic chores now performed by the subject. Reward for good performance reinforces these practical skills, and builds pride in the subject’s growing mastery of the traditionally feminine role. Letting this key component of training start past this phase may result in the induced hyper-aetheticism and narcissism, but with the side effect of lowering the available contribution of the subject to the couple’s domestic economy.

While this phase is ending, best results seemed to occur with the gradual withdrawal of Valium pharmacotherapy toward the end of the cycle, combined with the usual supportive measures. This is in preparation for the next phase of training, in which the pharmacological equirements switch from assisting ataraxis to producing euphoric reactions.

Exterminating Masculinist Traits

The complete breakdown of gender identification of the subject is the next phase of training. The base for hypersubmissive behavior having been formed, further changes can be more easily made as the subject’s desire to please the trainer makes it even more plastic.

A key change is this phase is a change in pharmacotherapy: In order to establish the base of a traditionally feminine personality, euphorics rather than simple ataractics are called for as part of the protocol. One trainer reported good results with Tranxene, given at conventional pharmacologic levels. Trainers are strongly advised to follow dispensing cautions. The other trainer found Reserpil to be the medication of choice. Reserpil has more complicated side effects than Tranxene, but one stands out as potentially desirable for this use: the administration of Reserpil sometimes induces gynecomastia (enlargement of the breast tissues) in biologically normal males.

Vocational change is the first major step of this phase, which involves separating the subject from the reality of its former existence. Even if the subject is not yet able to fully exercise the productive skills taught in the previous phase, it is preferable that the subject contribute only to the domestic economy in non-cash forms rather than that the subject to continue its former way of life. Of course, if opportunity exists to obtain gainful outside employment in a career traditionally viewed as “feminine”, so much the better.

The vocational change now serves as the pretext for the first true realignment of the subject’s gender identity. Using preparation for its new role as an introduction, the trainer should now concentrate on gradually crossing from androgynization to outright effeminization of the subject: removal of all remaining body hair (preferably permanently), brow shaping, hair coloring, and the frank application of makeup in accordance with the desire to produce a credible feminine appearance and the trainer’s personal tastes are but a beginning. The subject should be encouraged (via hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming) to increase its overtly feminine appearance: “feminine” clothing introduced over a six- to eight- month period should now be completely substituted for its previous apparel. Do not allow the subject to dress in unrestrictive clothing at this stage: even jeans, for example, may remind the subject of its previous masculinist experience and send a mixed message which undercuts the trainer’s authority.

One technique that proved effective was for the trainer to enter the subject for a complete professional cosmetic make-over at this stage while in a pharmacological euphoria reinforced through post-hypnotic suggestion. The induced gender confusion was further rewarded by behavior therapy when the couple returned home, with the result that the subject actually looked forward to future sessions on its own.

Combine the pharmacological therapy with further behavior training at this stage. The trainer should encourage the subject using the basic four techniques discussed during the de-stabilization process, with an important change: the desire to please the trainer (upon whom the subject has now become emotionally dependent) is substituted for the gratification of the masculinist ego, which should now be ruthlessly suppressed. This outer transformation into overtly feminine aspect is more easily accomplished with an ectomorphic subject, as the basic body frame will need minimum cosmetic change to produce a convincingly feminine appearance. Ectomorphic bodies can often get by without recourse to specially fitted apparel, which reduces cost of the transformation. If size difference between the trainer and the subject is low, the ectomorphic subject may provide the option of simply sharing the trainer’s wardrobe, which has the added benefit of increasing identification with the trainer even further, and reinforces the building equation between its newly acknowledged feminine nature and the historically feminine trainer. Endomorphs will often require special attention to diet and exercise programs to achieve suitable body shapes for a pleasing transformation in appearance. The classic mesomorphic male body is least promising of all, (due to shoulder/chest/waist/hip ratios) but with suitable attention to detail and the cooperation of a number of stores catering to transvestites, may be externally effeminized with moderately good results.

Additionally, the sexual cycle of the subject often needs modification. By a combination of good technique and reward, the subject should be encouraged to be relatively insensitive to penile stimulus after the excitement phase.

Teach the subject to focus on foreplay and elongate the plateau phase of the sexual act. Induce long-duration post-orgasmic sensations of extreme pleasure. This will allow the trainer to produce a male anatomy with a female arousal cycle, overcoming the normal male’s problem of too short a sexual cycle time from arousal to post-orgasmic “afterglow”. Obviously, this requires the trainer to postpone her own gratification temporarily during training to produce a sexual cycle in the subject more closely matched to her own needs. This is yet another example of how the serious trainer must face the reality of the responsibility she has taken on for both members of the pair.

Neurolinguistic programming should be stepped up, with an emphasis on identification with the trainer and the introduction of new fantasies centered on union with her (by fulfilling her commands and desires) as the basis for the new priorities in the subject’s life. Response to basic voice command should be perfected now, with an eye toward satisfying the subject with simple verbal rewards: these rewards should praise the subject’s feminine characteristics: “How pretty you are!” or “Good girl!” can be used as trigger phrases for a post-hypnotic suggestion that creates intense pleasure in the subject and can be used as the basis for further behavior modification.

An important choice is now one of a gender-appropriate name for the subject. For trainers wishing to retain completely feminine behavior of their subjects to the domestic setting, an androgynous name (e.g., Robin, Chris, Kim, Lynn) has advantages. For trainers with higher standards who desire total effeminization of their subjects, a completely unambiguous name should be chosen: (e.g., Diana, Barbara, etc.) appropriate for the trainers culture and preference. This may be used as a “pet name” at first, but for more lasting results this procedure appears useful: Renaming the subject consists of a series of hypnotic and neurolinguistic programming sessions focusing on the subject’s desire for a new identity, and the creation of minor psychological discomfort in the subject with the inappropriateness of its existing name. The trainer once again steps in to resolve the conflict by offering a new identity more appropriate to the subject’s expressed gender, which reinforces her image as protector and provider of all that is good in the subject’s life.

One important consideration at this stage is the decision by the trainer as to whether or not the subject should retain any identification with its former life, particularly memories of a childhood of a different gender than it clearly has now. This is a difficult decision and has important practical consequences. On the one hand, exterminating any memory of the subject’s past life and the substitution of a suitable biographic fantasy allows for maximum control over the subject. A combination of increased Tranxene therapy and daily or even twice daily hypnotic and neurolinguistic programming sessions may be required to completely disorient the subject from its life history. Ideally, these should be assisted by the professional who first introduced these practices. Do not expect this phase to take less than four months. Six months’ duration appears “average.” This is why a subject with few or weak ties to family or location is preferable. However, this makes the subject’s psychological attachment to and dependence on the trainer unshakeable.

For maximum effectiveness, a change of even geographic location (giving both trainer and subject “a fresh start in a new place” with their new identities) has significant advantages, although an abrupt overt move may raise legal questions if the subject has family importantly concerned with the subject’s status.

A complete break with the subject’s past may open up the possibility that the subject’s relatives may attempt to kidnap the subject for interrogation (claiming “he” has fallen under some kind of “cult” influence). A properly trained subject whose identity is firmly centered around the trainer can easily tolerate examination in such a way as to convince even experts that this change was initiated and approved by the subject, although it is better to avoid conflict and any possibility of disturbing the subject’s programming. Fortunately, suitable precautions against deprogramming should be easy at this stage. Well planned moves that result in the covert removal of both trainer and subject to new locations with new legal identities are still the best way to continue complete control.

If the subject is allowed to retain memories of “her” past, they should be suitably modified to insert a cross- gender desire from the earliest times. This may leave a subject with minor residual self-awareness, but it is the easier and more practical choice if the trainer does not desire to relocate and/or desires to avoid any questions about the process from the subject’s relatives.

The introduction of the most fantastic sexual practices will be eagerly welcomed by the subject at this stage, and the trainer has now has as her reward an eagerly obedient, classically conditioned, and completely effeminized mate, who can serve as lover, best friend, and companion (which due to cultural training conventional males cannot attempt), as well as a fantasy-partner and source of ego-gratification to the trainer.

A last important step of this phase is the removal of pharmacotherapy as a means of control over the subject, who has by now internalized a desire to please the trainer to a sufficient degree that pharmacotherapy should now be used as a special reward or reinforcement rather than as a routine procedure.

Hypnotic and neurolinguistic programming should be stepped up during withdrawl of pharmacotherapy, and then reduced to maintenance levels.

Induced inter-sexualism

At this point, many trainers simply stop: a completely submissive transvestite mate who can share and appreciate all her interests and tastes may well be enough for any trainer. However, some other steps may be in order.

An important additional pharmacotherapy may be instituted now: the administration of feminizing hormones to the subject to complete a female upper body profile, depending on the tastes of the trainer. As a practical matter, feminizing the subject to this level requires little additional effort and has the positive character of making “her” role in the world more natural and easier. In particular, suitably clothing the subject is made easier because of the enhancement of choice and the greater ease of shopping together for new garments.

Administration of Estinyl or Premarin, and Brevicon or Norinyl in the appropriate dosage cycle have proven effective in recontouring the body and inducing secondary female sexual characteristics.

Trainers may induce a self-directed breast fetishism in the subject, allowing the subject to more fully share a common sexual arousal feeling with the trainer as a reward. This shared sexual feeling, coupled with the modification to the subject’s sexual cycle completed in the previous phase results in an extremely plastic inter-gender partner trained to a peak of responsiveness.

In addition, if the feminizing hormones are administered in such a way as to correspond to the natural menstrual cycle of the trainer, more complete identification can be achieved, although this risks producing a biological source of potential conflict if difficult or painful menstruation is the common experience of the trainer, who must take care to induce pseudo-menstrual behavior in the subject as a way of increasing identification and sympathy for the trainer, carefully avoiding producing a complimentary pre-menstrual syndrome in the subject. It should be noted that administration of feminizing hormones typically results in libido changes in the subject, but modification of the subject’s psychosexual state may now lead to orgasmic reactions even if physical orgasm is not possible or supressed.

Subjects conditioned to this degree represent a compromise in partner choices for the trainer, but a positive compromise: the advantage of satisfaction by a male anatomy, the possibility of pregnancy (if desired), while allowing for complete satisfaction of the trainer’s needs by the now overtly intersexual partner which allows the fulfillment of homoerotic fantasy within the context of heterosexual contact. The subject can be trained to any selected degree of emotional sensitivity and support appropriate for the continued pleasure of the trainer. Shared behaviors and responses allow closer bonding than would be possible with a conventional male. In some sense, the trainer risks becoming involved in mutual dependence relationships with the subject, who has by now been so conditioned to attend to the trainer’s needs and wants that those needs and wants cannot be easily fulfilled by another partner.

Induced Eonism

One of the two couples whose experience form the basis of this article has opted for a complete transformation of formerly male partner. D., aged 26, after five years’ training, is now a candidate for sexual reassignment surgery. This process is not complete at the time of writing, but progress has been rapid.

Since the subject has already lived as a female for more than three years, and has independently begun taking feminizing hormones for more than 18 months, medical evaluation leading to a diagnosis of eonism was swift. Indeed, the subject has so completely identified with the female aspects of her trainer that no other conclusion appeared possible. Early monitoring and adjustment of hormonal therapy is giving rapid progress toward a completely female body structure. Limited plastic surgery has been performed to reshape the subject’s brow ridges and remove the male throat cartilage, as well as narrow the nasal aspect. These changes taken together have completed a final external effeminization that makes the subject undetectable as a genetic male except by pubic examination. Given limited access to her medical records, we cannot definitively comment on the success of her planned operation in four month’s time, but relay the diagnosis of her physicians that her prognosis is excellent. Her trainer has indicated her willingness to live with her friend (and current legal husband) to the medical community, ostensibly as a support mechanism to the subject. Both D. and her trainer (the use of the masculine possessive seems inappropriate now) report that they are happy with the decision and report that their personal affection and mutual dependence is more important than the conventional view of the sexual relationship.

Long Term Considerations

There are a number of issues to be confronted in the long- term care and maintenance of these subjects:

  1. In both cases, the extermination of previous personality required extensive work in rebuilding a suitable and credible biographic fiction for the subject, as simple amnesia of all past life proved too disturbing to tolerate.
  2. In both cases, the subject must spend a large part of its remaining life in a state of hypnotic trance or post-hypnotic suggestion. This requires a significant investment of time and emotional resource to maintain. If the subject is allowed to be conventionally conscious for long periods, induced amnesia and the restructuring of personality effectively prevents regression to a normal masculinist personality. However, self-awareness may lead to independent functioning of the subject’s ego, which is what hypersubmissiveness training seeks to avoid.

A secondary effect is that the subject cannot be allowed employment which requires high degrees of concentration or mental activity. This may eventually “dull down” the personality of the subject and reduce its value to the trainer in its role as companion. Shared mental stimulation is important to retain its value to the trainer. This must be mediated by the trainer and directed by her, and may require significant effort.

  1. The hypersubmissive subject displays extreme anxiety at separation from the trainer for more than the briefest intervals or when left alone in an unstructured setting. Care must be taken lest the subject develop depressive conditions during required abscenses of the trainer for more than a few day’s duration, as suicidal ideation may ensue.
  2. The biological effects of administering large doses of feminizing hormones to biologically normal males may include increased risk of thrombosis or myocardial infarction and increased risk of some kinds of cancers. During peak administration, signs of depression have also been noted. It is important to have suitable, competent medical monitoring of the subject.
  3. Subjects on long term psychopharmacologic therapy should be closely monitored and dispensing instructions should be carefully followed. Particular caution should be exercised when combining alcohol with any ataractic or euphoric. Trainers are cautioned to have the subject avoid all alcohol consumption during its training, or provide suitable non-alcoholic substitutes. Under no circumstances should the trainer be taking any psychoactive drugs herself during the time the subject is being medicated, as she is now responsible for the physical and mental well being of both individuals during training, and cannot afford to make mistakes in dispensing these powerful medications.
  4. For those contemplating either the administration of feminizing hormones or the induction of an eonistic state, recall that the while the effects of hormonal therapy are at least in principle reversible through radical mastectomy, surgical reassignment of sex is not reversible in any satisfactory way. While the male-to- female transformation is comparatively uncomplicated, there is as yet no good reliable procedure to construct a phallus. Therefore the couple must be very sure that this extra step is indeed what they want, and ideally the subject should be allowed sufficient consciousness to participate (albeit in a limited way) in the decision.
  5. Complete conversion of a subject is an expensive and time consuming process. A minimum investment of US$250,000 will be required, and long term costs may raise the total cost to over US$800,000. This means that financial resources adequate to begin the task must be acquired before proceeding, and that it is likely that the subject will be required to devote its lifetime earnings after transformation to pay for its processing. Couples without adequate resources are advised not to proceed into later stages of training. A five to eight year committment is required to completely process a subject in the manner described.
  6. The trainer must confront the moral responsibility for directing such an extensive change in another’s life. There is no way to simply “return” the subject to its condition prior to training, although one report came to our attention of a trainer who could no longer cope with the burden, and induced conventional insanity with the goal of allowing conventional therapy to restore an independent condition (but not the original condition) to the subject. This produced a depressive reaction in the trainer, as she took it as a “failure” of her ability, and it was required that she enter psychotherapy to deal with guilt-associated feelings. The subject was reported as having been committed for long term psychiatric hospitalization and no further information was available. At least this should serve as a cautionary note.

A Personal aside

During the six months it took to research this article, and over fifty interviews (which were not recorded except as notes at the couples’ request), we found our own perspective shifting. At first, interest in the topic for academic research shifted into a faint feeling of personal antipathy for any person who could so completely and methodically destroy the individuality of another. Despite strong convictions that our current masculinist chauvinist culture is in desperate need of replacement, we questioned whether this was appropriate, or whether this practice merely involved reverse exploitation that left the trainers as morally guilty as the chauvinists.

Yet in both cases, based on separate interviews with the subjects while not in the trainer’s influence, we could not help but be surprised by the apparent satisfaction and happiness of the subjects (even when measured by psychological tests of personality and attitude). Perhaps there exists in all of us some need to bond completely with another human that these practices exaggerate and charicature, but that represents a potential within each individual.

Revealing all My secrets are we? It’s gonna be panties for you from now on boy…

T-Girl Tips

Bend Over, Boyfriend

Bend Over, Boyfriend

Carol Queen, sexologist and sex activist, refers to anal play as the great equalizer. She points out that the bum, the anus, the rectum, even the sphincter muscles, can be sites of immense physical and psychological pleasure, and that this pleasure is open to all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

For years women, gay and bisexual men, and all manner of kinky folk have explored anal play and thrilled to the potential of this kind of sex. And now, after many years in the closet, straight men are coming out and reclaiming their birth right to explore anal pleasure.

When I first started working in sex stores, there were straight couples who would come in to buy dildos and harnesses to explore male anal penetration. But they were few and far between, and the guy would stand in the opposite corner, nervously watching to see what his partner was buying for him. These days there are books, educational videos, and even toy kits devoted to BOB, and while it can still be nerve wracking at first, guys are warming up to it.

Being penetrated can be a profound emotional, psychological, and spiritual experience. It can also be a lot of breezy fun without deeper meaning. It is what you make it, and you need to find out how it feels best for you if you are interested in giving it a try. Whether you are a guy wanting to be penetrated, or a woman who is interested in flipping the table and being on the other end of the cock, here are some things to consider as you explore.

Get Used to Talking About Sex, You’ll Be Doing Lots More Talking

Any sort of anal play requires tremendous trust and a lot of communication. If you’re interested in checking this out, bring it up and see how your partner feels about it. Choose your time wisely, and be prepared for some hesitation at first. There is an element of role reversal and gender play with BOB, and people can have unexpected reactions at first.

Explore on your Own

If you’re a guy who wants to be penetrated, get comfortable with anal play on your own. You don’t need months of practice before you get a partner involved, but if you’ve never been down that road, check out what’s going on. Get acquainted with your anatomy, and start to incorporate anal pleasure into your masturbation. You’ll be in a better position (no pun intended) to tell your partner what you like and what you don’t if you’ve done a bit of homework beforehand.

Play Together Without Toys

Generally when people talk about BOB they think of a woman strapping on a dildo and lovingly giving it to her fella. Strap on sex can be awesome. But start slow, and with your own body (fingers, etc…). Get some latex gloves and a good quality lubricant and explore with your and your partners fingers. There can be a lot of mystery around anal play, particularly for men, so take some time to get comfortable before you introduce toys.

Go Shopping!

For some of us, this is almost as much fun as the play. If you’ve got a local sex store nearby, take a trip in and check out your options. There are several things to consider when buying a harness and dildo. If you don’t have a store near you, there are plenty of excellent online sex toy retailers that carry hundreds of different dildos and harnesses to suit everyone’s tastes. Email an online retailer you like and ask a few questions. The bestselling educational title Bend Over Boyfriend also has many great shopping tips.

Strap It On

If you’re doing the penetrating, make sure you feel comfortable and in control with your harness and dildo. Practice putting it on and taking it off on your own. You might want to wear your harness and dildo around the house for a while to get a feel for it. Learning to use your hips and/or lower back, your upper legs, and other parts of your body to penetrate your partner can take some time, but the practice can sometimes be the best part.

Safer Strap-on Sex

As with every kind of sex play, give some thought to how BOB play can be safe and fun for both of you. All the regular rules about anal safety apply here. Make sure you clean your toys properly, and most importantly keep talking before, after, and during sex, to make sure that what you’re doing feels good for both of you.

Taking it Deeper with Gender and Role Play

Beyond male anal pleasure, there is a lot to explore in the area of role reversals with BOB. For both partners turning the tables can be a whole new world. It’s a chance to explore the ways you feel masculine and feminine, bottom and top. It’s a chance to attend to your partner in a completely different way. The fact is that in mainstream Western culture “sex” still means man-on-top-penis-in-vagina-over-in-four-and-a-half-minutes sex. Bend Over Boyfriend is a radical sex act, and it comes with deep potential for growth and really hot sex!

How can I learn to be a good bottom?

It can also be hard to learn to bottom, if what you’re used to is topping. Giving up control, surrendering, can be a difficult thing, when you’re used to holding the reins in your hands. If you find yourself manipulating your top, trying to coerce them into giving you what you want, then you’re what is called a “pushy bottom”–a bottom who is not really submitting, but just trying to turn the situation around to the way they want it to go.

Some tops get off on bottoms who are defiant or subtly disobedient, and use it as an excuse to punish; but for other tops, especially inexperienced ones, it can be anything but fun. Making your top feel like they don’t know what they’re doing is no fun for either of you; I know, I’ve been there, as the pushy bottom. The solution? The next time you play, tell yourself that you are the top’s property, that their will is yours, and that your deepest desire is to please them. Before, if they did something you didn’t like, you might have suggested they try it another way; now, they are doing exactly what they want to be doing, and you are grateful they’re doing it. Let go of your urges to be in control; surrender to them, and let them have their way with you. I guarantee you will have a lot more fun than when you were trying to top from the bottom–I know I did!

If you are still not quite getting what you want, as a bottom, this solution may not last very long; you will probably want to talk to your top about what your needs and desires are, and about how you can both have fun getting to them. But the time to negotiate about what your bottom fantasies are, and how you might want to manifest them, is not necessarily while you’re in the middle of a scene which you’ve pre-negotiated. Don’t get into the “Oh, yes, Mistress, anything you want–um, uh, Mistress, you’re not quite doing it right!” trap. (Can you tell I speak from experience here?)
Relax, and respond. Quite often a top will enjoy topping you because of your reactions–the way you wriggle, and squirm, and cry out. If you clench every muscle and strive to endure without giving _any_ sign that you’re feeling anything, your top may get frustrated with the lack of feedback. Let yourself feel. And don’t hold your breath! Or rather, don’t forget to breathe. (If, of course, you _negotiated_ a “stoic endurance” scene, that’s different. But don’t feel you _have_ to act that way. I like it when my bottoms struggle–they have a safeword if they need it.)

Of course, nothing is cut-and-dried; just because you’re on the bottom doesn’t mean you’re a puppet. But there is a big difference between being open and communicative, and trying to force things in your preferred direction. A good bottom is one who is enthusiastic, devoted to their top’s pleasure, willing to surrender to their top’s will, open about their own desires (in a respectful manner, of course), and happy to be bottoming.

There’s a piece of common wisdom that’s been around the scene for a long time, which is: the best tops are those who started at the bottom. I believe it’s true. If you’ve been there, felt the bite of the whip, struggled to get free as you were brought slowly and teasingly to orgasm, tranced out as the sensation from the clothespins washed over and through you… then you will be much better able to guide someone else through that intensely magical space as a top, because you will literally have been there. Plus, starting as a bottom means you’ll pick up a lot of hands-on (if you will) experience! (And as with any generalized statement about SM, there are plenty of people whose mileage varies; bottoms who’ve never topped and never want to, or tops who’ve never gone under and are still damn good. But even such tops often experiment with sensations on themselves before trying them with their bottoms.)