Forced Feminization Sissification

Forced Feminization Sissification


While I made time this past week for some holiday activities I also had a busy week on Niteflirt. In addition to custom recordings, I also released two new videos and two new audio files. The theme this week was forced feminization sissification If you haven’t had a chance to download them they are listed below.

My most popular video this week was one of My Sissy Husband recordings Locked in Chastity for another month. The most popular audio this week was Endless Cruelty in which I discuss the mental and psychological aspects of emasculation.

Two of My files continue to appear on the marque which are Feminization Sissy Special and Feminization Transformation Emasculation both of which are listed below!

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far! Yesterday afternoon I did manage to spend a few hours at Art Basel in Miami. The artwork was truly amazing and the variety of mediums was impressive. Today My phone lines will be on per My regular schedule and I will be available online as well.

To see exactly when I am available or what it being released, you can view My social media posts past and present on:




Appearing on Marque

Feminization ~ Sissy Special 

Sissy Special includes three Sissy Hypnosis recordings totaling over 25 minutes and three Forced Femme files totaling over 40 minutes for a grand total of over an hour of forced feminization sissification!

Most Popular Video

Sissy Husband Locked in Chastity for another Month

In this video, you are My husband forced into being My personal domestic sissy maid cuckold. Just imagine your new life as My sissy husband, kept in chastity while I of course seek other pleasures! I only allow you to cum once a month…maybe. BUT this month I make a deal with you. You skip your monthly orgasm and I let you see My panties. This is a cruel and teasing video in which I humiliate and frustrate you! Featuring panty peek, chastity, femdom, femme, sissy, cuckold, panty fetish, humiliation, tease and denial, cuck, cuckold, pantyhose, forced feminization sissification

Most Popular Audio

Endless Cruelty 

Long ago I discovered that I do have a bit of a sadistic streak. Oh, I don’t mean just physically causing you pain although at times that is quite satisfying! I so enjoy the endless cruelty that can be even more satisfying. Tormenting you emotionally, mentally and psychologically. There are so many ways and My cruelty is really endless! As a matter of fact, I will not be satisfied until you are completely broken.

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Feminization Transformation Emasculation 

The power and satisfaction that I will get from your transformation is exactly why I desire it! From the very beginning of your hormone treatment and testosterone blocker you will feel your masculinity slipping away. As the hormones course through your body and you see and feel the changes it will be so emotional and humiliating. NOW you are forced to face the fact that you are not a man. That you were never a man. As you become more feminine and you will, there will come a point of a sense of relief. No more pressure of pretending. Now there is the freedom of all the things you know you were meant to do and meant to be! Realization that you can know admit it all! The panties, the lingerie and high heels and how you feel more like the real you in them! Acknowledging your sexuality and your desire to be used and provide sexual satisfaction! Featuring forced feminization sissification, humiliation, emasculation, feminization, transformation

Gloryhole Forced Bi 

Contains over 17 minutes of the erotic and humiliating aspects of forced bi and a gloryhole visit! Two audio files and one video including the titles Gloryhole Submission, Gloryhole Humiliation and Gloryhole Cocksucker.

~NEW~ Breast Worship Bra Fetish 

As you know I have a wide collection of bras! This particular bra is a new one from a line that I recently discovered! I am sure you agree they are perfect for My perfect all natural 36C breasts! There is something so sexy about revealing it as I slide off My black silk robe. As I stroke My elegant hand over the satin of the bra cups covering My breasts you will be mesmerized!

~NEW~ Making you My wife Erased! 

One of the most erotic parts of Making you My wife is the elimination and erasure of your old life. In essence it IS the erasure of the old you! Erasing and eliminating so many parts of your previous life. Erasing and eliminating so many parts of you! Friends, family, hobbies, career down to your personality and of course your sexuality. So empowering and erotic knowing that in your transformation so much of you will be erased!

~NEW~ Hot Whore for Goddess 

Do you know what it takes to be Goddesses hot whore? Everything from dressing, to make up and how to act, look and what to say! Then the tried and true method to pick up men! A step by step instruction to seducing them that works every time! Follow My instructions and become a hot whore!

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Forced Feminization Sissification

Sissygasm Sissy Training Goddess Natasha


There are so many elements and details to your sissy training! One that I am especially fond of is training you to ONLY have sissygasms! Not just sissygasms but hands free! Oh it will take some practice but step by step I will guide you so that soon you will ONLY has sissygams!

~NEW~ Sissygasm 

I know that you want to be a good girl! The only way good girls get to cum is by having a sissygasm. This is exactly how I am going to train you! So that the ONLY way you orgasm is with a sissygasm! Step by step I am going to guide you so that you are properly trained and your sissy pussy is trained to ONLY orgasm this way. No, no! No touching your clitty! I am going to train you for a hands free sissygasm! A REAL sissygasm! Now be a good girl and listen closely so you can learn exactly how to have a sissygasm!

How to be a Good Gurl!

I know how much you want to be a good gurl! you want Goddess to be proud of you. Listen to Me as I tell you all about what it takes to be a good gurl for Me! Being an obedient girl doing exactly as Goddess instructs you! Featuring femdom, transformation, cock sucking, forced bi, penetration, good gurl

Sissy Confessional

This video is filled with questions that will reveal your every secret and how you became a sissy! Embarrassing and humiliating you are required to answer every single one! From toys and first times you will answer no matter how embarrassing and humiliating!

Sissy Clitty

It is so true that size does matter! As a matter of fact, you realized that long ago! The size of your penis was a contributing factor in your becoming a sissy! The realization that you will never be a real man instead servicing real men is now just a fact of life for you. Let’s just call it what it is…your sissy clitty.

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Makeup for Beginners

Makeup for Beginners

“I’m a 22 year old newb and needed to find some resources”. Here’s what I’ve found so far that has really helped me! Lots of these are youtube tutorials; I find it more helpful to see someone doing it rather than just reading about it.








Youtube Channels:


Cruelty Free Brands:

  • Hard Candy
  • N.Y.C.
  • e.l.f.
  • Lush
  • Wet n Wild
  • bh cosmetics
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
  • Impulse Cosmetics
  • Urban Decay
  • illamasqua
  • Melt Cosmetics
  • Sugarpill
  • Colourpop
  • Kat Von D
  • Anastasia
  • NARS
  • Smashbox

*Important Note: Some of these brands may or may not be sold in other countries that require animal testing by law in order for the products to be sold, but I don’t have the time to research animal testing laws outside the US as well as what brands sell in those countries. So I’m leaving this one up to you.

Okay, this has been in my drafts for at least 3 months now. Time to roll it out! Keep in mind, these are videos/bloggers that helped me specifically and there may be some videos/links that aren’t as useful to you. That’s okay! I recommend you get lost in the beauty blogger side of youtube at some point, it’s a lot of fun and you never know what you’ll find!

Sissify your males for a better life.

Sissify your males for a better life.

My philosophy is I feel that women who have feminine sons and husbands should encourage those tendencies in any way possible including with girlish dress. Push or persuade them into becoming sissies. Any wimpy or fem acting males not only should become sissies but really need to become sissies for their own good and for the good of others they my have contact with. I did this with my husband and the rewards have been more than I could have ever wished for. I hope that I will hear from women who take the lead in a variety of ways to gain and keep the upper hand in their relationships with the males in their lives. I also hope other females read this and agree this is in the best interest for everyone.


While it rarely happens, but if he is disrespectful in any way or forum to me or my friends, he is immediately regressed to childhood and made to wear proper baby clothes including diapers, plastic panties, and a diaper cover that is covered with ruffles and lace, plus a cute baby dress that is locked onto him. If my friends come over, he has no choice but to sit on the rug cuddling his teddy bear and to endure all the teasing and embarrassment. If all women only understood that putting your males into panties is good for them, we would have far fewer battered women and far less home violence.  Males NEED strong women in their lives, and they need to be kept in panties, starting as early in life as possible. The earlier the better but always remember to put them in chastity also, this is equally as important. Eventually all resistance will fade, and they will appreciate their submissive and sissy status as right and proper for them. Once they accept wearing panties they will always wear them knowing they are sissies, They will not do anything to upset you for fear their friends may find out who they truly are. This will make for an ideally happy household and no male attitudes.  I again advise chastity for any male since he is easily aroused being dressed as a sissy girl. Being chastised will a sure no playing with himself when left unattended. They have a habit of molesting them selves when in privet. If they are caught playing with them selves it must be made clear and strictly inforced,that they must eat their spent semen. This in protein which should not go to waste, so make them eat it! In time this will deter them from molesting ones self and prove to be beneficial in the future for them to accept another mans cum for their consumption if you choose to have them do so. Keeping them in chastity will in force your status as the superior and keep them from playing with them selves.

There are of course many advantages to a woman who sissify the male in their lives. Along the lines of housework, there are also the very personal services for him to perform without reciprocation. All sissy maids should be in chastity fulltime and many either are or have been “neutered” which is becoming more popular. I think neutering a male is best but is should be up to the wife as she sees fit. No need to worry about the wife’s sexual needs as it is common for the wife to take on a lover with a larger cock than her husband had. Again you’re sissy male should not feel threatened at all by this since she is the love of his life and her sexual needs should be fulfilled and he can no longer do it.  The strap on is a regular feature of this lifestyle and so you could expect a vigorous session often with your sissy, this is how his sexual fulfillment is achieved. In time this is what he will prefer for sex and if he is a good sissy she may let him watch her have sex with a man who has a big cock. That should be a privilege for him and not a given. If she feels the sissy needs more sex, in time you will agree with your wife to suck her lovers cock to make it hard for her. I know you will then try to make her lover cum in your mouth just so you can taste him. There should never be any shame in it since this is common for some one in your position to do. In other words it is natural for you to want to suck a big cock and eat a real mans cum. I would expect no less from any neutered or chastised male.

I set up a time for my sissy and a friends sissy to meet and for my sissy male to be trained by her and myself. We went to her home, (I say her home because it was explained to me that he, now known as Sue, was not allowed to own anything). So I went the next week along with my sissy husband and put everything he and I owned in my name. I had him sign an agreement that if he and I divorced he would leave with nothing. I watch as he cried when he signed the papers. When I saw him crying I mentioned to him, I can regress him to baby status if he would prefer since he was being a cry baby. That straightened him up and he signed all the papers with no more incidents.  Going on with his training my sissy has progressed so nicely. He has a new wardrobe and is so submissive I can make him do anything I ask. I wanted to further his humiliation by having him wear satin panties 24/7. I have bought her/him bras and nighties and outward apparel. When we went to the beach a few days in the summer he wore the bottom of an old bikini I had. It was hot pink and had a bow on the front. Women stared and men whistled at him. His face was red so much I thought the sun was burning his skin. A couple of women walked up to us and talked, all the while he never moved or said a word. I found it funny how he avoided looking at them while they checked him out the whole time they talked to me. Wearing his swim bottoms gave him nice tan lines which where visible when ever he was naked. Such a simple thing, sissifying a male for such big rewards. I can not believe more women are not doing this.. Satisfied wife of a sissy husband. “SM”

10 Reasons to date a Sissy

10 Reasons to date a Sissy

1. Your real girl friend or wife spends most of her time wearing pants, sneakers
(or flats), a tee shirt and a scowl. Your sissy girlfriend wears high heels,
pretty dresses or skirts and sometimes nothing but a bra and a smile!!

2. Sexy lingerie. Your sissy girl friend will love to model sexy lingerie for

3. Your sissy girl friend does not think giving you a bj is demeaning or
degrading. She will be proud to kneel in front of you and yes – she SWALLOWS!

4. Your real girlfriend probably thinks anal sex is painful and nasty. Your
sissy girlfriend will actually BEG for it and moan with pleasure as you shoot
your load into her. Always ready to have anal sex.

5. Costumes? Your real girlfriend probably calls you a sick pervert if you want her
to dress up like a hooker, schoolgirl, playboy bunny or French maid. Your sissy
girl friend will enthusiastically submit to your desires!

6. Your real girlfriend probably thinks you watch too much sports. Not your
sissy g/f though. She will make snacks, serve drinks and give you a nice,
relaxing bj during halftime or the 7th inning stretch.

7. Your sissy girl friend will never get pregnant and take you to the child
support cleaners.

8. Your sissy girlfriend will not nag. Her favorite expression is “yes, sir.”
9. Is your place a little disorganized? Your real girlfriend probably calls you
a slob. Your sissy girlfriend will be delighted to come over and clean it up and
she will wear a cute outfit doing it.

10. Your sissy girlfriend loves to cook, do laundry, run errands and take care
of YOU! And if you have friends that wish to share , she willingly let you pass her around.